Welcome to another new edition of Carol's Corner. Hope this finds everyone out there in cyber space and the blogosphere, happy and well, and excited for everything life has to offer. Wherever you are in this journey, never ever lose your zest for life. Live every day to the fullest. In today's picture I'm wearing my favorite legging outfit. The top was a thrift store find from last year and I fell in love with what a great ensemble I could put together using this one piece I got for a song. The lace you see at the neckline is actually a Genie Milana Lace Bra instead of my usual Cami Shaper. I thought it looked perfect underneath this top. Whenever I wear this, for some reason I think it has a Parisian influence. It might be the color's and pattern of it. I'm wearing one of my new sweater additions to my wardrobe with it. It really adds to the look of the ensemble I think. Diane Panda Sabbath dubbed this,” Feel Like Dancin' The Night Away”. Boy have I missed my dancing while hubby was away! Gonna be back at it this weekend.

I went with all black accessories except for my FitBit band and my shoes. The FitBit Band is just about the same shade as the background of the top. Early on this bracelet was dubbed my “Oreo Cookie Bracelet”. The ring is one you've seen many times and is a staple with everything black.






Of course my clasp cover had to be black.




This is my newest addition to my watch collection. Love it because it is just so unique looking and this one fits my tiny wrist pretty well.

Tonight I'd like to talk to you a bit about how to build a successful wardrobe. Many people just don't understand the basics of how to go about it. You are either already there or on the way to being a new and improved version of you. Now you need to showcase that. Think of yourself as an ambassador and a source of inspiration to other people, when you leave the confines of your home. No matter where you are presently, you need to ditch the ill fitting clothes and begin to build a wardrobe that will make you feel excited just to get dressed and face the world.



Can you relate to this picture? Do you even know what you have that works for you at the point you are right now?

The first step, no matter where you find yourself presently in your journey, is to begin going through your entire wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn't fit properly. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to hide themselves in baggy clothing. I'm willing to bet each and everyone of us has done that at some point. When you have clothes that fit properly you will begin to see what the new you actually looks like, and if you are somewhere in the middle of that journey it will help motivate you to continue on.

So where do you start and what do you do as you go from where you are now to where you want to end up? If you aren't at your desired weight, the first thing you need to do is buy some core pieces that will keep you afloat till you arrive at the place you want to end up. My biggest suggestion is to start frequenting all the thrift stores you have in your area. You can always start with some basic black seperates or whatever color you decide on, but you can put just about anything you want with basic black. Try to find one or two pair of slacks and possibly a skirt or two to build your interim wardrobe around. Make sure they fit properly. When you find those, then try to add tops of your choosing making sure you have the proper fit. Stay away from clothes that are overly baggy unless they are supposed to be loose fitting as in certain styles that are currently on trend. Add to your core pieces as you are able, but as you continue, keep weeding out everything that is too big. You might want to find a few dresses that you can wear also.

Organize all the shoes and accessories you own and try to put together ensembles from the clothing you have or purchase now, that fits.

I've decided to make this a part of a small series on the subject, so use this as just a starting point. We'll continue on in my next post. I hope you will enjoy this and find it helpful as you continue on your own journey toward health and fitness. Remember, think of yourself as an ambassador to all of the people you come in contact with. You just might be an inspiration to one or several of those people. Stay tuned! Till next time, God Bless.



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