Welcome to a new day here in Carol's Corner. I wish I could blog every day like I used to but I just can't swing it anymore, but I hope when I do, you still find things that will either educate, motivate or inspire you on your own individual journeys. And they ARE individual. No two people's journeys are the same, so don't make the mistake of comparing yours with someone else's.

So I was really excited when I saw I could still wear this dress and rock it. Too bad I had this bruise on my arm. I would have printed this one out to frame. I LOVE the gorgeous color's, the bold print, the style and the material it's made out of. It has a luxurious feel to it, but is easy care. Just wash and hang up, no ironing needed. Linda Stivers Dadey dubbed this ensemble,” Rock This Dress”. Thanks Linda, I really felt I did. I decided to go with this statement piece necklace, long purple and black dangle earrings and a really beautiful silver glittery bracelet.

I decided to use this pretty FitBit band with all it's beautiful color's. And here's a closeup of the bracelet I mentioned. That bracelet is SO me. And my ring is one hubby bought me when he was in South Korea right before 9-11. It's sterling Silver and has a really deep Amythyst, which is my birthstone.






The hot pink clasp cover ties in nicely with the color's in the dress.


I had to pick this pretty watch because it's the perfect complement to the bracelet I am wearing.

So I've been wracking my brain and trying to figure out what to blog about tonight. This is gonna be what I call winging it. I'm just gonna start it and go with the flow and see what happens, so here goes.

Do you find yourself being depressed or discouraged by things the people around you say and do? Do you let others bring you down? Do you have a hard time realizing your own self worth because of the negativity you see around you? If you answer yes to any of these, you need to stop letting others control how you feel about yourself and get yourself in a different frame of mind.


If you let other people make you feel bad about yourself or make you think feel unworthy in some way, you might want to get one of these to remind yourself to not let other's words or actions affect you in negative ways. I love this, and as we speak a girlfriend is making me one of these. We bought a rectangular wood piece that could be used as a serving tray but we are using it as a hanging on the wall. Mine is going to go on a wall in my living room. It's going to have a teal background , two color's of pinks, some really cool bling on the bottom and of course the gold glitter. When it's done I'll be sure to post a picture. What a cool way to be reminded EVERY day to not let others bring you down or make you think less of yourself. That might be a cool project for all of us to do. It can be a marvelous accessory in your home and a reminder to yourself not to let others make you feel that you're not worthy in some way. Sometimes we really need visuals to remind us of things we should remember.

Don't let anyone make you feel inferior or not good enough for something. And usually the people who make you feel that way are only making you feel bad so they can feel better.

Remember, you're in charge of your own destiny. You're the captain of your ship as you sail along, navigating the twists and turns that happen along the way to better health and fitness. Your journey is yours alone and it's not going to be the same as someone else's. Don't make the mistake of comparing yourself to someone else. Your journey might be totally different from the person's you are trying to compare yourself with, and all that will end up doing is making you frustrated and discouraged. Nothing positive will come out of it.

Just something else to remind you that you are not alone. We are all here to help and uplift each other. The above might be helpful to print, as a daily reminder that you're not alone in this journey. We all go through good times and bad times in our journey to health and fitness. We need to remind ourselves we're not alone. What's so wonderful about cyber space, our Facebook groups and our blogs, is that we can avail ourselves of so much knowledge and wisdom and take advantage of the genuine caring from the people we meet here, in all parts of the world and in all walks of life.

So start out today with the knowledge that you control your own destiny and whatever negativity comes from people around you does not have to affect you. Brush it off and know it doesn't matter what someone else thinks, all that matters is what you think and what you do.So don't let anyone dull your SPARKLE! Till next time, God Bless!