Well I bet you all thought I got lost or something. I didn't forget about you my readers, just been a little crazy since hubby returned from his trip;something going on every minute. This week is much the same and we leave for vacation on the third of June. My anniversary present is a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am beyond excited. I'm so ready for fun in the sun. The icing on the cake is getting to meet another member of my Facebook group, “Carol's Inspiration Station,” who has been with me since it's inception. Can't wait Barb! I'm loving being able to get pictures taken outdoors again. The outdoor setting just adds so much to a picture. I was really happy this dress still fit and looked so good. The little black sweater was perfect to wear with it since it is sleeveless and it didn't warm back up here in Central New York until today. Now the winner of the name game was Tiffany Cornish Dujinski. She said it was National Police Week and in honor of that entitled my ensemble, “Blue Lives Matter.” I so agree with that sentiment Tiffany.





My accessories had all the shades of color that were in the dress. I had the black sweater and shoes and my three piece jewelry set I made which used all three color's. My polka dotted FitBit band was perfect as was my Blue Lapis ring. I also opted to go with black stockings.

I decided to use this combination of mini clasp covers to incorporate all the color's in my dress. Love my new manicure that was for my Black and White Themed Gala that we attended last Friday. It rocks! My nail tech is so talented and they are always amazing.





I just love this watch that I had purchased for the gala. It is just so unique and different.








So in the previous blog offering we started discussing how to start putting together a successful wardrobe and how as you were losing weight you needed to get core pieces you could use as you made your way through your weight loss journey, as well as wearing things with the proper fit. And we also discussed how during this time you should avail yourself of any thrift shops in your area as that can save you money while you continue on to your desired weight. I still incorporate thrift store shopping as a way to add extra pieces to my wardrobe cheaply.

So now let's continue on with this important subject. You've been working hard and now it's time you started reaping the rewards and showcase that hard work in clothes that show off your new figure and make you look as fabulous as you are. Your clothes should make you feel good about yourself and showcase your personality. Don't be afraid to try things you might not have worn before. Now is your time to shine!

What constitutes a successful wardrobe and what should you look for while shopping for one? Well obviously you need to start in whatever season it happens to be, and the kind of climate you live in. I live in an area where you need a four season wardrobe. Maybe you live where you only need warm climate clothing. Take that into consideration when starting to put together your wardrobe and also whether you need a work wardrobe as well as your every day and dress clothes. I don't work anymore so I can wear whatever kind of clothes I desire and by now you know I love fashion, every aspect from head to toe. I always say I am about the whole picture. My look on any given day has to incorporate everything from head to toe. It should be fun and exciting, not work.

First decide what types of clothes you need and start with basic pieces like slacks and skirts and then pieces you would use in the summer like shorts or crop pants. You can never go wrong with purchasing core seperates in black and building the color from there with the tops you choose to buy. I love using color in my wardrobe so I have seperates in many colors and styles. The biggest secret of a successful wardrobe is knowing the art of mixing and matching and being able to make many different outfits out of those same pieces. Whenever you purchase a new piece try to think,”What would this go with that I already own?” Color group your clothes so you can see how to combine them. I sometimes have one top that can go with many different color bottoms and that is by design. I sometimes can make three or four different outfits using different variations of certain pieces in my wardrobe. The more you use this practice of mixing and matching the more versatile your wardrobe will become, and you will find many times you can dress a certain ensemble up or dress it down by the accessories you use, which is another aspect of a successful wardrobe. You will notice I LOVE to wear dresses and also skirts. Dresses are a staple in my wardrobe and I wear them for many occasions, two of which are to go dancing which we do every week, and for church on Sunday. I love to (Dress Up,) so for me that is not a hardship. Midweek service I wear just what I happen to wear that day. So when shopping, divide your wardrobe into casual and dressy. Sometimes they can fall into both categories depending on how you choose to accessorize. Something else to make sure your wardrobe includes is sweaters and what I call toppers like the one you see me wearing in today's photos. They are a necessity in any climate, especially when going to restaurants or shopping in places where the temperature is on the cool side. Something else I try to tell people is NEVER pay FULL price unless it's at a store that already has discount prices like the cute array of summer dresses I purchased at Walmart this year. They are cute but definitely affordable. Always look for sale items and use coupons that different stores offer to make them even cheaper. The only time I ever pay full price at a higher end store is if it's like something for a wedding, but usually I can still get a sale item if I look hard enough.

Now we come to my favorite part and what makes an ensemble just that, and pulls it all together. Learn how to accessorize. This includes such things as jewelry, shoes, scarves;things of that sort. I'm a big jewelry person and I have something that goes with everything. I make much of my own jewelry, but buy costume jewelry as well. Again see how you can make your outfits look different by the accessories you use. Just a shoe or sandal can make the same outfit have a different feel. Be creative, be adventurous. To me getting dressed for my day is always an adventure and one I truly enjoy every aspect of. A dream job for me would be a fashion consultant or a shoppers assistant. I could rock something like that.

You worked hard to get wherever you're at. Now go out and show the world the new improved you. Rock the new you EVERY day and have fun while you're doing it. I am happy every day the Lord let's me get up to a new day and I hope what I do inspires someone in some way every day. You never know who you might inspire. Think of that as you leave the confines of your home and go out to face the world. May you inspire someone else who might be in need of inspiration. There is no better feeling in the world. I hope this has been a blessing to you. Please let me know what you thought. I love to hear from you. Till next time, God Bless.


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