Welcome to a new edition of Carol’s Corner. I had to try and get a new post up now before I leave for my trip to D.C. Hope everyone is doing well. This issue is going to have a few topics and a couple videos, one of which isn’t being put on any of my Facebook groups. It is only going to be able to viewed here. So let’s start with today’s ensemble. I love this beautiful blouse. I always feel great when  I wear this and get lots of complements. The floral print and colors are spectacular. Every ensemble has one piece that’s the star and for sure this blouse is the star. Everything else is chosen  with that in mind.

So first I’m going to talk about my experience with the new piece of exercise equipment my daughter bought me for Christmas.

This is “The Simply Fit Board” . When I first tried to use it I thought I would never master it. Then I started experimenting and found that you have to find your center of balance. Also your height has to be taken into account. Start with your feet toward the center until you master balancing it and then little by little you can start moving outwards. Here is a video I made showing some of what I explained here.

I look so funny waiting for my hubby to film this. This really is a cool piece of exercise equipment. You can feel it that it works the core.  It takes up very little space and is easy to be stored just about anywhere. I’m going to take this on my trip and use it in my hotel room and when we go to my daughter’s in PA. Can’t wait to see what my 5 year old granddaughter thinks about it. Hope you find this little demo enlightening.


So now we get to the really important part of today’s blog. Are you constantly feeling down on yourself and depressed that things just aren’t going the way you wished?  Do you compare yourself to others or let other shame you in some way? I’m here to tell you that don’t need to feel that way about yourself.

Don’t let other’s define you and your journey. Every one is different. No two people’s journey is the same. Everyone has different challenges to face, both physically and emotionally. Do what is best for you and forget about anyone else. I’d like to share the little video I made earlier today and hope this message gives you hope and some inspiration to do what’s right for you.

I always have to laugh when I see how awful I look before these videos start, but I hope you find it to be helpful. For some reason I felt led by the Lord to make this and that this was a message that needs to be heard. I would like to hear from any of my readers with their thoughts. I always value feedback. I’d like to end with this graphic.  

I hope you found today’s edition of Carol’s Corner to be both educational and enlightening and above all, one that gives  you hope.  That’s what my little pep talk was about.  Remember , your journey is yours and yours alone. Do what’s right for you! As always, till next time, God Bless.

2 thoughts on “DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU

  1. Thank you carol that helped me a lot! I felt like my mom was talking to me and I needed to hear it! I have been through so many trials and got depressed and stopped taking care of my self for yrs I have found it hard to get started. First my mom died, then my husband died 6 months later and I got in to a slump and it has affected my health. I need to start exercising. I’m taking care of my dad now he’s sick. I’m a nurse and hrs all alone. I get down. The Lord is keeping me. This message has been really inspirational thank you! God is good!! Oh and my mothers name was Carolyn. They called her carol! 😊


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