Well here we are again. Thanks for stopping by. Christmas is almost upon us and 2016 is just around the corner; a time for new beginnings, something everyone can use. I love the ensemble in this picture. This is one of the four blouses I got with the money my daughter gave me for Christmas. I especially like it with this skirt and tights. This ensemble was named “Christmas Carol” by Sandy Drover.

Except for my FitBit band I chose all Black accessories. The necklace and earrings are real black onyx. I made them a number of years ago and they are quite nice. I chose a scarlet color for the FitBit Band to accent the color of the blouse.

I chose the black BandCuff to tie it all together.




Let's see how observant you all are. Did you notice the watch and bracelet are a matching set? Another item I bought with my Christmas money.




As you all know by now, I am an avid Leslie Sansone fan and mostly use her workouts. Sometimes you need to change things up and this is the perfect choice. If you're looking for something to add to your workout collection this is something to consider. I am glad I did.

This is from Jessica Smith's Walk On series and is titled “5 Fat Burning Miles.” It is billed as a way to fit in your 10,000 steps. You can program your five miles any way you want, using 1mile, any combinations for miles or the entire 5 miles. I like to do at least one 5 mile workout every day. This also includes 2 Bonus Workouts. If you did this entire DVD you would be working out for a total of 115 minutes.

Jessica Smith is a certified trainer, instructor, wellness coach and host of JESSICASMITHTV on YouTube.

The five mile workout consists of a 5 minute warmup and cool down with miles 2,3, and 5 being 15 minutes and mile 4 being 13 minutes in length.The total run time for the five miles is 85 minutes. You will find yourself doing many new moves and combinations as you work your way through the miles. The warm up has some especially interesting feet moves.

Mile 1) This mile is called the “Brain Booster Walk.” Everything in this mile will find you having to think about what you're doing as you're trying to do all the moves. You will really be challenged by the thumb finger move she has you doing. You will find out just how uncoordinated you really are. It will take some time to master that one.

Mile 2) This one is the “Belly, Buns & Thighs Walk.” Everything in this mile targets your abs, your buns, and your thighs. Again you will find lots of new moves and combinations as you go through the mile. On every mile the time just flies by. I barely looked at the clock during the whole workout.

Mile 3) This mile is another interesting one called the “Power Posture Walk.” Throughout this mile Jessica will lead you through moves that concentrate on posture that will make your moves more powerful and strengthen your body. We all know posture is something we don't even think about most of the time.

Mile 4) This is the fastest mile and is called the “Turbo Charged Walk.” This will get you revved up and get your heart pumping. This mile will invigorate you, not tire you. At least it did for me.

Mile 5) This one is just plain fun and is called “The Boogie Down Walk.” Get ready for some funk and some dance!

I did all 5 miles earlier in the day and loved every minute of it. With Jessica on this,was a friend and her mother. When you need a little lower level or impact, follow her mother. The only time I had to do an alternate move was when they used jumping jacks. The rest of the time I was right there with Jessica. I think you will all enjoy the different kind of moves you will find as you go through each mile.

So later I had to go through the bonus workouts so I could let you know what they were like.


Bonus Workouts:

Bonus 1) “The Strong Feet & Ankles Workout”

For this you need a chair, a towel and bare feet. This is designed to work on strengthening and stretching the often overlooked muscles in your feet and ankles.

Bonus 2) ” The Strong Knees & Hip Routine”

This is designed to help keep your knees and hips pain free by strengthening and stretching key lower body muscles using this routine.

I had a much harder time with the bonus workouts because of some issues with my feet and legs. Just a certain movement can cause my entire leg to develop a sudden extremely painful cramp in my entire leg. It is sometimes hard to get rid of it. I also have some issues with my feet and never know when they are going to act up. The knee and hip routine is partly down on the floor. Since I workout on a hardwood floor a mat wasn't quite enough of a cushion for some of the exercises. I had to put a memory foamb pillow under my hip and part of the leg, so it wasn't painful. It will probably take me some time for these workouts to be beneficial for me.

If you are looking for something new and challenging to add to your workout collection I strongly reccomend starting right here with this one. It is challenging yet fun at the same time. And like I said, the time just flies by.

On the back of the DVD cover you will find recommendations for 2 more ” Walk On”workouts available on Amazon.

1) “Walk On: 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

2)” Walk On: Fast Fat Blasts”



If I don't have time to publish another blog before Christmas I would like to wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy Christmas. Enjoy the time with friends and family, but don't forget to make time for your workout routines somewhere in your days. You'll be glad you did. Till next time, God Bless.

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