Well hello out there in cyberland. Welcome back to Carol's Corner. Hope everyone out there is having a spectacular holiday season, with whatever one's you may be celebrating. Christmas in Central New York was kind of unusual because of the weather we've been having this month. My picture above was taken on Christmas Day; not a snowflake in sight and able to take picture's outside without even a sweater. We finally got a few snowflakes tonight, but only a few. This ensemble shows me wearing the last blouse from my Christmas purchases at Burlington Coat Factory. I love how much you can get there for around a $100. The winner for this ensemble was Jo Ellen Jatczak with, “Holiday Roadtrip.”

I love using the roof of my husband's Caddy for my hand pics. It just makes a really neat backdrop. All my accessories for this ensemble were shades of gunmetal and grey. Don't you love my Plumeria flower ring I got when we went to Hawaii?




I only recently got a grey FitBit band and clasp covers. I was able to use the grey band quite a bit this past week. I have a few different shades of the clasp covers and used a darker shade to complement the band.




This watch really complemented the entire ensemble.



Well the Holiday season is almost behind us and for many of us that means 'Getting Back On Track,' whether that means with our exercise regimen, our eating or both. I can just about guarantee that almost every single person on this journey has something they need to get back on track with. Don't be ashamed or upset by this. It comes with the territory we call 'Life'



What the graphic above has to say is so right on; Too many people dwell on their mistakes or let their mistakes derail their entire journey. Read this out loud and see the picture it puts in your mind and then take the advise to heart. There is no better advise I could give to any of you or myself, and believe me I've fallen off of one aspect of my own journey. I think we should all print this up and put it where we can see it every day to remind us to: “Get up, forget about it, get back on track and move on!”



We all need to come to grips with the fact that this is a lifelong journey and in that journey we will have times of victory and times that feel like defeat. It is what we do with the times we feel defeated that really defines us. Which kind of person will you be? Will you be the one who walks away and just gives up or are you going to be the kind of person that realizes no matter how many times you fall that you can rise again and continue to be successful; that it doesn't matter how long it takes or how many times you get back up, it only matters that you continue your journey from wherever you're at?





And just a little more food for thought! Face it guys, there will come a point in your journey, probably more times than you want to admit, but you will fall off the wagon. Like I said earlier it could be your eating plan, your exercise plan or both. It is what you do when these times come that will determine whether you will succeed or fail. Which will you do? Remember what I have said so many times before. The only way you can fail in this journey is to just give up. So stop listening to that little voice in your head that is trying to keep you from continuing the journey and just have the courage to get back on the track.


I'd like to close this addition of Carol's Corner with this, and tomorrow we will continue on with some practical advise for getting back on track. Remember, whenever your today begins, it is another day and another chance to begin anew. Take it and change the course of your journey. See you back tomorrow, same time, same station. Till then, God Bless.


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