Welcome back to Carol's Corner. Is everyone ready for Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate? Got everything done today that we still needed to do. Have two more get togethers at different locations and all I have to do is show up, no stress. Just enjoying my decorations. My house is like a Christmas Wonderland. My hubby drove my mom and I all over our area to look at all the beautiful decorations. Every year we have said we are going to do this and somehow it never happens. Well tonight we finally made it happen. Neri Barretta was the winner naming this ensemble,”Mall Muse.” Thought that was kind of cool!




My accessories were black, deep purple and tones of bright pinks, picking up some color's in the blouse.




I also used a light lavender clasp cover with My FitBit band.


Been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to blog about that would motivate or inspire. That is always my goal. Someday's it's like I have brain freeze , so I hope you will find what I have to say to be beneficial to you, especially during this holiday season.

First of all, have you taken the time to imagine what you truly want your life to look like and start to take the necessary steps to make it happen, or have you given up on making your dreams come true? 2016 is fast approaching. With a New Year about to begin, this would be the perfect time to find your voice and begin making plans to realize all your weight loss, fitness and health goals come to fruition. Find your voice and boldly proclaim your life goals. Or maybe you've lost your voice along the way. It happens to all of us at some point in our journey. We think we have it all under control, until one day it isn't! Wherever you're at, find your voice . In this journey the only failure is never beginning or quitting before you get there. They are the only ways to fail. Once you've found your voice, listen to your heart;it won't steer you wrong. Your heart knows what it needs. I'm not saying it's going to be easy because it probably won't be. Nothing in life worth having is ever easy, but it is always worth the effort it takes to get there. Be strong and begin to live the life you imagined in your mind. What you think, you will do.

Who are you? Do you tend to find all the reasons you can't succeed in this journey? Or are you the person who takes all the can'ts and turns them on their head with a can do attitude? Attitude is everything in this journey. Explore ways to turn all your can't's into cans and start to plan all the ways you can make your dreams a reality.


What profound advise and wisdom here! Anyone on this journey has to have realized that it takes many twists and turns and does not always go according to our plans. What do we do when this happens? In what storm do you find yourself? Stop, take a breath! Stay right where you are! Are the winds changing, or is it time to chart a new course? You be the judge. You have all the tools you need to adjust your sails and chart a new course that will insure that you will see your journey to fruition? Let's begin to think of the New Year that's fast approaching. Let's make our resolution for the New Year to do everything possible to realize all the goals and dreams we have for our lives. Let's make this the best, the healthiest and the happiest. You are worth it! We are worth it! As a cheerleader would say,” Go Team!” Till next time, God Bless!!


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