How's everyone doing out there in the real world? Welcome back to Carol's Corner. I hope everyone is staying healthy and being the best they can be. We all know this is a rough time of year. Thanks to Beth for her contribution to the readers here in Carol's Corner . I know we all look forward to your next guest blogging spot. I think this is one of my favorite pictures from this week so far. I totally adore this shirt. And I can switch the look up by wearing a different color cami shaper underneath, pairing it with different pants or even a skirt. There are a zillion different ways to make this into a whole new ensemble. And that my friends is what makes for a fabulous wardrobe. The winner in naming this was Lori Castellino with,” Animal Instinct.” Good one Lori.




For this ensemble I chose to utilize the Royal Blue from the shirt, first pairing it with my matching cami shaper, Royal Blue Jewelry ( I made this set),these awesome skinny jeans and my amazing Royal Blue shoes.





I used a Black FitBit band and paired it with Royal Blue and White Mini BandCuff's, thus tieing all the color's together to creative a totally cohesive look. And then there's always one of my watches that is like another piece of jewelry. I urge all of you to take one week and put special thought into what you wear every day and how you choose to accessorize it to create that special look that will make people stand up and take notice. Not only will other people notice, but they usually comment on it and you will be amazed at what it makes you feel like in the process. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do all the more to take care of yourself. You will be more than amazed when you see what this does for your self confidence. You don't have to take my word for it. Test it out for yourself and see.


So we find ourselves fast approaching the never ending holiday season from now until the new year. Are you worried and stressed out?



Do you have a game plan for the holidays ahead? Only you can decide what that is going to be. It might be to continue on with weight loss, it might be to increase your exercise level or it might just be to get through the season without too much added weight gain. Whatever it is that is ok. You are the person who has to be comfortable with your decision. My personal decision is to keep on my same exercise path and to get through the holidays without packing on more added weight. After the first of the year I will make a push to lower my weight to less than what it is now, by 5-8 pounds. I'm not planning to go as far down as I was before. I actually think I look healthier than I did at my lowest weight , but need to get rid of some in the middle. I also have to start eating healthier again as my blood sugar has not been stable as of late. But one step at a time. You decide what your holiday game plan is and start taking whatever steps are necessary to start implementing it.



Here's a great set of tips to help you stay healthy and on point during this long holiday season. You might want to print this out and put it where you can use it to help remind yourself of things you need to do to stay in control. We all can use all the help we can get.



And speaking of help, look at all the ways we can help each other. This whole arena has been an amazing experience for me. I can touch so many people, impact so many lives; lives all around the globe of people I have never physically met. It is awe inspiring and sobering at the same time. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I go through my own ups and downs as we all do in this journey, but I seek to be an inspiration to others every chance I get. When you need help avail yourself of the many ways there are to connect to others who share the same trials and tribulations. At any given moment we are only a click away from giving each other moral support or inspiration when we need it the most. Remember that when you are the one who needs the help. And when you see someone else in need reach out to them. They will be glad you did. And in the process you will be stronger for it.




Here's a little food for thought as we work our way toward the new year. This certainly put's a new perspective on our thoughts and concerns as we work our way toward it. Maybe we should just try and do our best in the coming weeks and stop worrying so much and enjoy the Holidays. We have the whole year ahead to make any corrections we need to make to continue on that path to health and wellness; physically, mentally and spiritually.



I'd like to close with this. Everything you need resides within yourself. All you have to do is believe. Believe in yourself and keep on stepping. Step by step and that new amazing person you always knew was there, is going to come shining through, stronger and better than ever. Believe it and you will be the person you always wanted to be. Till next time, God Bless.


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