Hello out there. Welcome to the blogosphere and a new edition of Carol's Corner. You're in for a treat tonight. We'll get to that after the fashion portion of my blog. So let's get to it. You might see lot's more pictures from our local diner as the workers there are assisting me with my photo taking while my husband is gone. One week to go. Ever since I lost weight this has been one of my favorite tops. Everything about it rocks. The winner for this ensemble is La Shaunda Blake with, “Lavender Love.” Depending on what I pair it with I can change the look. And I have many different jewelry options also. For this look, it's skinny pants and these awesome boots.



The jewelry I chose for this is a set I made quite some time ago and contains all real gemstones. The colors blend perfectly with the top. I decided on the Zebra striped FitBand to wear with this ensemble.



I never go without a coordinating BandCuff; usually a larger one or three multi colored smaller ones. It is as much for safety as it is for a fashion statement.

I seem to wear this watch much of the time. The next blog picture will contain a different watch.


So now onto my special surprise. I am going to have a guest blogger tonight. Welcome back Beth Donovan. You'll remember the feature Carol's Corner previously did on Beth as soon as you see this amazing side by side before and after photo.

Could anything be more powerful? I'll let Beth give our reader's her latest offering and then I'll have a little more to say about Beth. So here she is!

Your WHY

Sometimes just losing weight or threats from your doctor or your failing health just aren't enough. Things were NEVER enough for me. I waited for the stars to align with motivation, and for inspiration to come. I waited for God and his infinite goodness to help me. Nothing happened until I gave up the fight. I told God that I was done. And in being done, I was then ready to accept anything. I was no longer looking for the fast loss or the miracle diet anymore. I found that making small changes made all the difference. I just woke up one day and miserably started putting one foot in front of the other….falling and getting back up at 460 pounds.

In losing my modest amounts, people began noticing and were inspired. I was awed that somebody could be inspired by ME of all people. So, I started paying more attention to what I was doing and blogging about my journey. More people became inspired as I made my way down from 460 to 300, 250, half my body weight and lower…and from a bed to a wheelchair to a walker to a cane to walking again. Inspiring people became my passion. I wanted other people to see IT is possible more than I wanted to eat.

Moral of this story? Find YOUR passion! What do YOU want more than food at the moment? Dig deep. Don't go for the pat answer at the tip of your tongue.

I know Beth will say she's still a work in progress as we all are. The story of her journey so far is awe inspiring. She is now a certified weight loss coach and you can find her here at the link below. Check it out! She has much to offer.

And my last surprise is that Beth has offered to be a guest blogger once a month for Carol's Corner and it took less than a mega second for me to take her up on it. It is going to be a real blessing. I totally thank you Beth from the bottom of my heart. And Beth, just waiting till you write that book. It has best seller written all over it. Till next time, God Bless.

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