Welcome to another night here at Carol's Corner. I am sorry I wasn't able to publish a new issue again last night, but my body was screaming at me to sleep. I had gone ALMOST 2 days without a speck of sleep, so my body just said this has to stop. This has to be my favorite skirt. It goes so well with so many things. It is just a black knit similiar to a sweat pant knit and is real easy care. As I wear it so much, it gets thrown in the washer frequently. The top in this ensemble is another thrift store purchase. It has a lovely main color and design with other complimentary color's. The winner of our little “Name My Ensemble” enterprise is Sheri Graphenteen with,” Floral Seduction.”

I chose a jewelry set that picked up many of the color shades in the blouse. Oh and this ring is all three shades of gold, (real gold). My husband got it when he was in Afghanistan. Each flower is a different shade of gold.



With these smaller clasp covers I love to make different color combos with the band.

I've been having a hard time deciding what to pursue in tonight's edition of Carol's Corner. So let's start with this and see where it goes from here. The above statement is probably true in almost every aspect of our life journey, but it is especially true when it comes to our weight loss journey . Who is usually our own enemy as we make this journey day by day? Who is it we are at war with? You guessed it. It is we ourselves. What are some of the ways this is manifested? It doesn't take long to come up with the top culprit. It is that voice in our head that tries to make us believe that we just can't succeed. It tries to makes us accept all the excuses we can so easily come up with as each new day of our journey dawns. It is a struggle we need to acknowledge and be aware of. But we must not let the enemy within ourself defeat us. We need to be stronger than that voice. We need to believe in ourself. We need to know that we will go through peaks and valleys along the way and even detours. We have to accept that this is part of the journey. There is always going to be an internal war going on within ourself. But we CAN defeat that enemy. We just have to be stronger than that voice within us that wants to make us fail. But we know periodically we will. But just because we go through periods of failure does not mean we are a failure. It is just the way the journey goes. It is a lifelong one that has no expiration date.




As we go along this life long journey there can be no better advice than what this graphic has to say. So what if you've hit a bump in the road! It happens. Don't look backwards. Don't dwell on what you think of as failures. Take what you've learned and use it to propel you forward.

And this goes right along with it. The more we get down on ourself when we mess up the harder it is to move on and get back in the direction we need to go. We need to admit we're human and not perfect, forget about the past and move on.



I'd like to close with this. Everyone has that flame within them. Recognize yours. Instead of letting it be that voice that you war with on a regular basis, let it be that spark that whispers, ” YOU'VE GOT THIS.” You can succeed and you will. Believe it and you'll make it happen. Till next time, God Bless!

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