Welcome to a new edition of Carol's Corner. Happy to be back. Today's picture was taken where the Skype baby shower I went to back home this weekend was held. It is a church now but it used to be a YMCA, which closed down there recently. Everything was beautifully decorated for the fall season. We all thought the stairs were a perfect backdrop for the picture. The winner for this ensemble naming, was Jo Ellen Jatczak with , “Too Hot To Handle.” Glad you think so Jo Elllen.



All my accessories were a combination of red and black. Love it when I can wear my red shoes. My necklace was red and black and my earrings and bracelet were black as was my FitBit band. And then I used a combination of small red and black clasp covers.

So for this edition of Carol's Corner I decided to do a review of the four latest Leslie Sansone Dvd's that I also own. I'm going to begin with the MIRACLE miles set.

This I feel is one of the best Leslie has ever produced. It is only available on the Walk At Home website. It has a heftier price tag, but it is WELL WORTH it's price of $49.99. The set includes 5 different DVD'S, ranging from 1-5 miles. Totally it includes 15 miles of workouts. You will also receive the new miracle miles band with it's own bag to store it in, a workout calender, a quick start diet plan, and if still available, a set of workout gloves. This is an ALL IN ONE system that gives you every essential of fitness! Cardio…Strength…Flexibility… Everything you need . This is the easiest weight loss walking system… EVER. Here is a breakdown of the miles.

DVD 1: The 1 Mile Walk. This is the introduction to the Miracle Miles “All in one system!” This is done by Leslie herself. It includes Cardio: Fast Walking,Strength Training with the introduction of the new miracle miles band, and Flexibility. She will show new moves that work through a ” Full Range of Motion” for better flexibility. This also includes 3 bonus workout features led by none other than everyone's favorite “Nick”. They all use the miracle miles band and include upper body, lower body and full body strength training. Total running time is 35 minutes.


DVD 2: The 2 Mile Walk. This Belly Slimming 2 mile workout includes a full cast of walkers who are in all the rest of the workouts except the 3 Mile Walk which is just led by Leslie herself. It starts with classic moves and then builds in speed and intensity for maximum calorie burn! This incorporates moves that target the core muscles and utilizes the miracle mile band at certain points throughout. It's designed to get faster results to slim the middle…burn the fat…and sculpt the waistline. Total running time is 30 minutes.

DVD 3: The 3 Mile Walk. This 3 Mile Walk is one on one coaching with Leslie. She calls this The Thigh Slimming Walk. Mile 1 is Belly Slimming, Mile 2 is thigh slimming (lower body moves for thigh slimming, backend lifting and lower body sculpting). Mile 3 is Fast Walking…The SPEED changes for maximum calorie burn. Total running time is 45 minutes.

DVD 4: The 4 Mile Walk. This BIG COMBO of miles includes Fast Walking, Belly Slimming, Thigh Slimming and Arm Sculpting…every mile works to get you ” all-over” slimmer…sculpted…faster. Total running time is 60 minutes.

DVD5: The 5 Mile Walk. Have you ever been to a WALK concert? Well GET READY to Walk to the BEAT of HIT songs you know and love! Going the extra mile in this workout gives you hundreds of calories burned. Each mile builds for the ULTIMATE Total body WALKING workout! Mile 1 is the Walk Concert, Mile 2 is Belly Slimming, Mile 3 is Thigh Slimming, Mile 4 is Arm Sculpting and mile 5 is Fast Walking. Total run time is 75 minutes.

I love everything about this new total walking system. I use the 5 mile walk 2-3 times a week. You can mix and match any of these walks to fit your day. This is really everything you need in one workout. If you purchase anything this should be the one. It is well worth the price tag.



Next up is Walk To The Hits: All Time Favorites, featuring HITT Training(High Intensity Interval Training). This is one of the best of her Walk To The Hits Workouts. It's also her usual 3 mile walk but is a tad longer at 56 minutes. It is the perfect combination of hit music and HIIT training. Get ready to do some twisting. Great music in this one guys.


Next in the line up is The Burn to the beat walk. This is another of my favorites. There are three separate mile walks. Use any combination of 1, 2 or all three miles. Mile one is the Easy Beat Mile. This is a 20 minute, 3 mph walk, the perfect pace to get you started on your fitness journey. Then you can move on to the Brisk Beat Mile. This is a 15 minute, 4 mph walk that is a fast enough pace to give you a big burn! Lastly is the Super Beat Mile. This is a 12 minute, 5mph walk that has you walking and burning more like a runner. I use the 2nd two miles together, usually to add to whatever set of 5 mile walks I have chosen to do on any given day. I also like some of the new moves that she has incorporated into each of her recently new releases. Every one seems to have some new move or combo. Then there is a bonus segment called, “After The Burn“. Tone your arms, thighs and backend. Sculpt your waistline,strengthen your back and core muscles. Then end your workout with a well deserved, total body stretch. Total running time is 75 minutes. Remember you can do any section you want or all of them. You decide. Can't go wrong with this one.


Last one up is her last release before the one I will be receiving today. This is Walking Off The Pounds featuring 3 different miles. You can walk 1,2, or 3 miles. Mile 1 starts with an easy warmup and quickly progresses to the classic moves you all know and love. If you want a lean, flat tummy, this is the mile for you. Learn how to engage your core and get your ” middle” muscles working while you walk. Mile 2 starts out brisk and keeps the speed you need for a higher burn. In mile 2 you'll learn moves that sculpt the “walking” muscles of the lower body. In Mile 3, you'll get the added energy that short “boosts” give the workout. Walk for a few beats, then BOOST for a few beats and repeat. This is a great way to increase your fitness level and speed up your results. In addition you'll learn some upper body moves that are a simple but effective way to tone up your arms,back and chest muscles. This Walking Off The Pounds workout is TOTAL BODY FITNESS WALKING. And there are plenty of new moves and combinations. Then you also have a Bonus Healthy Abs and Back Segment to help you slim down even more. This is the perfect strength training session to end your workout. And if that's not enough, hear the inspiring story of three women who walked off the pounds. You'll hear Bobbi Jo, a mom of 8, who walked off 65 lbs, Kim, a coach and teacher who walked off 100 pounds and last but not least Annette, a wife and mother who walked off 100+ lbs. Prepare to be inspired.

I would recommend any of these workouts to add to your collection. Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to workout routines. Variety means you'll never get bored and every day you have so many good choices to keep your fitness on track. I can't wait to see what my new one I'm receiving sometimes today is like. I'll let you know in another blog.

Make sure you catch my next one. It's going to be a mega feature from one of my very own member's. This has been a life long journey for Betsy starting in her childhood years and continuing to this day. Set aside plenty of time to read this compelling story and see the many pictures that this feature will also include. Believe me you do not want to miss this. Tell all your friends to tune in too. Till next time, God Bless.


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