Welcome to another new day in Carol's Corner. Yesterday was such a busy day for me that I just couldn't find time to write a blog and my body was telling me again that I needed to rest more. It seems since my car accident that my body tells me more and more when it needs to rest. I may not want to but my body tells me otherwise, and like the last blog in which I talked about this, these days I have to heed it. The winner of naming this ensemble was Laura Davis with “Fantasmic Flower.”

For my accessories for this ensemble I chose the sparkle, and one of my new FitBit bands that goes really well with anything you want silver to go with. So now I don't always have to wear my fancy metal one. Oh and forgot to mention my sexy new dark silver flats which were comfortable from the get go, which is a plus for someone like me with problem feet.


Wow, this picture shows the sparkle in my bracelet really really well. My nails show great too. Love it. For my clasp covers I was able to combine three different color's from my “Fantasmic” top. Pretty cool. That is why I ordered a bunch of the small ones, and that they have color's available that the large ones don't.

My gorgeous watch looks pretty cool on the side of the my husband's caddy. I love the logo and lettering there; a perfect backdrop for my watch.



I had a hard time trying to decide on a topic to talk about our for this session of Carol's Corner. Well we have to get through three major Holidays before the new year starts. So where do we start and what should our personal goals be? Well I really love the graphic that I found to begin this discussion. Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and then comes Christmas. Do you want for yourself what this graphic shows? I think we all would answer in the affirmative. But each of us needs to figure out just how we are going to do that. We all might have different goals. Some of you might still want to keep losing. Other's like myself just want to maintain where we are and not get out of control. Whatever your goal is start thinking about it now and decide what things you must do to keep to your desired goals during the holiday season. I think exercise is going to be more important than ever. We probably just wish we could skip it, but instead we might want to double down and do some more intense workouts than usual, maybe add some more weight and resistance routines along with our usual cardio.



Now this one is great, don't you agree? It's not what we do on one day, that makes our weight go up is it? It's what we do over time, like maybe the whole month of December or probably from Thanksgiving all the way to New Years. We all have to make personal decisions of how we are going to navigate through this long holiday season with the best possible outcome. It is going to be tough without a doubt, but we need to believe that we can make it through and come out stronger on the other side.





What better way to make a point than to inject a little humor into the situation. And this is pretty funny. Just pretend this is you. You have this huge meal that you are consuming, while you are running on a treadmill looking at a picture of a totally in fabulous shape figure. What will be the outcome of this? I'll let you arrive at your own conclusion, but you have to admit this is pretty funny. Maybe this is something we should print out and hang somewhere to remind us how foolish this really is.

So let's get you some great links to read to help all of us get through the upcoming holiday season.

This one is from WebMD, who always have very good articles. Make sure you read this and bookmark it for future use.

This one is from Sparkpeople entitled “Lose Weight Over The Holidays:20 tips to eat, drink and still shrink.”

I found this one from Good Housekeeping to be especially helpful with lots of good advice and tips on getting through this long holiday season.

Here's one last article for your holiday reading list. This is titled, “5 Weight Control Tips During A Busy Holiday Season.”

I hope you will take time to read all of these and see what things might help you get through the long holiday season we are now entering.

I'd like to close with this. Whatever goals you set for yourself the above should definitely be near the top. For sure this is my main goal. Decide what yours is and set in motion all the things you feel you need to do to reach them. We are strong, we can do this!! Till next time, God Bless.


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