Welcome to the Sunday Night Edition of Carol's Corner. Gonna have lots of pics on this one. I totally feel amazing in this dress and the color is divine. You're going to see this with and without a wrap and the wrap is gorgeous. I should have taken a picture of both the front and the back views, but didn't think of it till just now. So this version of my ensemble has been named “Indigo Enchantment” by Sheila Graham.




My friend Teri Shultis named my wrapped version, “On Blue Angel's Wings.”

This picture got kind of messed up, but you can see I have on my Polka Dotted FitBit band and my jewelry is all like what my bracelet is. And of course I have to wear my Blue Lapis Custom designed ring. And then you can't forget my shoes. I still can't believe how often I can wear them.

Now I have a special treat. Meet my husband John Banewicz Sr.

We were at a fundraiser dance at the Country Music Park today. Couldn't believe hubby actually wore a coordinating shirt. I recently bought him this awesome black hat at the State Fair. I might add we had to have been the best looking couple on the dance floor. They had 4 bands and it went from 1pm-7pm. I accumulated a lot of steps and miles just from dancing. Now this is exercise I don't consider work.



Sit down and think on this. I AM (What?) What is your reality? Or does it change from day to day? Sit down with pen and paper and list what you think of when you say, “I AM.” My reality now is worlds apart from what it was a few years ago. And recent events in my life have changed it even more. The very first thing that comes to mind is, “I am blessed to be alive.” Secondly, I would say, “Grateful,” grateful that God chose to save me from certain death. I could say I am lucky, but I am certain it wasn't luck that saved me, it was God's Grace. It's funny how one event can change your whole mindset. This journey I am on with you and so many others has been life changing for me. Sit down and see if you can come up with more positive “I Am's” than negative ones. The more positive things you can come up with when you really start to think about it, the more difference it will make in your daily life and the more success you will find as you continue on your journey to health and wellness.



This speaks to me on every level. It's funny. Shouldn't I feel more traumatized after an accident that most people wouldn't walk away from? For some reason I don't. I can honestly say that I feel exactly like the girl in the above picture. Through my experience God has shown me what true grace really is, for without it I wouldn't be here trying to inspire, motivate, and educate you, my readers, on the different paths you find yourselves on in this lifelong journey. Try starting your day exactly as this picture and see just what a difference it can make.


I'd like to close with this. Are you letting negative thoughts and feelings control your life? When you realize that you are, you need to stop right then and there. Clear your mind and start filling it with all the positives you have in your life. Change your mindset and success will follow. Believe it! Live it! Count on it! Till next time, God Bless.


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