Welcome back to Carol's Corner. I'm sure you've noticed I've been absent for a few days. For those who don't already know, I was in an automobile accident Tuesday night, and when you see the pictures of my car, you won't believe I am still here relatively in one piece. I truly feel it was a miracle. To God be the Glory! So I am taking Jo Ellen Jatczak's suggestion and calling this ensemble,”Blessed.” You will discover why in just a bit.



This is a set of jewelry I made awhile ago and thought it blended well with all the color's in this top. Note; no FitBit because I hadn't been cleared to exercise yet.

Now brace yourself when you see these pictures and if you don't believe miracles exist, I am living proof that they do.


The pictures speak for themselves; no words needed. We think the pole was something used to hold the roof up when they cut me out of the car. I don't remember everything that happened which some say is a good thing. From what I've been told I rolled over 3 or 4 times and that it took 25 minutes to cut me out of the car.






God's angel's had to be all around me that night. I don't know how I could still be in one piece relatively unscathed;no broken bones, no serious head injury and able to go home without being admitted to the hospital. There has been quite a bit of pain involved but it is improving. My elbow had to be stitched up in two places. That was pretty bad. I remember seeing that and thinking yuck! My palm on the same side is full of scabs where something must have pierced the skin. The worst part for me has been my neck. The first two nights were awful,especially when I was in bed. And my chest is painful I guess from the airbags. All this will take some time to feel better, but I was cleared by my doctor to do anything unless it hurt too much. Today was my first day back exercising. I did 7 workout miles and I think it is more of a positive than a negative. My muscles need the exercise and I noticed a difference from the beginning and as I continued my workout. God saved me for a reason. Through this I have been able to be a testimony and give him all the glory. I truly think it was a miracle that I survived at all, much less with minimal injuries. When I first saw the pictures of the car I started crying. I still can't believe that I survived it at all. This experience has just strengthened my resolve to continue helping people via my blog and the group's I am part of, as well as the one that is my own group. My message to you today is to treat each day as if it could be your last. By the grace of God I am still here to help you be successful in your journey. I will continue to work tirelessly to that end. Just felt this was something I needed to share with you instead of my usual kind of blog offering. My next one will be back on point. Remember to live each day as if it could be your last! Till next time, God Bless.


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