Hello out there in cyberland! Glad to be back. I have an extra set of pictures because of when I didn't post a blog so think I'll use these today. I put mine up tonight too late to get it named so will use that tomorrow. Pays to have back up. Catherine Warner from the U.K. was the winner naming this, “Blue Bayeau.” Love it! The background is gorgeous is it not? Another of the places in town that is kept up by a group to beautify the town. You can't even see the whole thing here.



Explained jewelry below except for this beautiful handcrafted ring, of which I own six by the same designer.





Went with a real Pearl and Stone necklace knotted up and then pearl like matching watch and bracelet and a pair of earrings that I had made. My FitBit Band coordinates with a color in my dress as well as using the White Bandcuff. It all works well together.

This is the watch I was ecstatic to find and came with the matching bracelet above.

Today my young server friend Angel and I, are starting to walk three days a week outdoors till the winter sets in. We decided to do this Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before we go to bed. I know, I keep strange hours and so does she as she does overnight shifts at Denny's.


This is me getting ready to go pick up Angel.



We were pretty proud of what we accomplished today. We set out to do a minimum of 5 miles and ended up just shy of 6 and in a respectable time of 75 minutes. The first 3 miles we did short bursts of jogging in between brisk walking. I have to be a little careful because of my knee replacements. We plan to do at least three miles on 2 of the 3 days and at least 5 on the other. And I also will still be doing a minimum most days of 7 Leslie Mile Workouts.

This all leads into a little of what I want to talk about tonight, finding yourself a workout or walking partner. This will increase your chances of success.

Having someone to walk, run or exercise with at least part of the time, can be a great way to keep motivation yourself, or inspire your partner. In my case, I wanted to try and be a mentor to someone who wants to start getting fit again and also as a way to keep pushing myself. In helping someone else you end up helping yourself at the same time. And she needs a walking buddy so she will have a plan and stick to it. And don't limit yourself as far as age goes. Mine is a partnership between me in my 60's and Angel in her early 20's and it works great. Of course I have always gotten along really well with younger people, probably because I am so young at heart and have a much younger outlook than some do at my age. So find someone to partner with and you can keep each other inspired and motivated.



To insert a little humor here I loved this. To not go as far as being deathly ill there is probably a little bit of truth here. Having a partner adds a layer of accountability. When you know someone else is depending on you, you tend to work harder and you don't want to let someone else down. It is beneficial to both parties involved.

Find people who can challenge and push you and vice versa. When someone can motivate and inspire you, only good things can happen. Feed off each other. Build each other up and help each other to push harder and become stronger. Both of you will benefit.

I'd like to close with this. We are ALL in this journey together. The more we can help, support, motivate, and inspire each other the stronger we ALL will be. So get out there, find yourself a workout partner and keep on moving. Till next time, God Bless.


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