Welcome to a new day in Carol's Corner. I feel blessed to still be here. I know I have witnessed a real live miracle personally and that I am still on this earth by the Grace Of God. I intend to make every day count for as long as I am blessed to be here. The winner of today's,”Name my Ensemble” is Rosie O'Conner with “Turquoise Tapestry.” I had a lot of choices to choose from today. I love how many people are taking part in this fun endeavor.


I chose bold silvertoned jewelry to go with this outfit. The long necklace and matching earrings have gotten quite a bit of use since I purchased it. The ring you see here is one of the six I had custom made by a jewelry Artisan I met while showing my own. I love how I can get them custom sized. This one is real Turquoise. I love the hammered band.


My FitBit Combo is perfect with the whole look.

I can't wait till my hand looks normal again, but it seems to be healing quite nicely.


So now on to more important matters. The above is something we all need to remind ourselves of every day. No one else can be in charge of or be responsible for where we are in our journey but us, (each of us individually.)

This brings me to where I stand in my own journey. I let unwanted pounds creep back on, to where I have to do something now and soon. I know what to do I just have to do it. To that end, I cleaned out my refrigerator in preperation for grocery shopping sometime in the afternoon, to get all the things I need to get back on track. The second thing I am doing is entering into a little weight loss competition with Angel, my friend and server from Denny's who I also am walking with three days a week outside till winter sets in. My accident interrupted things but we are starting back this morning.

Are there things you need to change or take charge of in your journey? Don't let anyone else try to control what you need to do to be successful! Remember, you are the captain of your own ship, so to speak. If things aren't going well you need to sit down and figure out what the problems are and take steps to correct them. I have known along what mine were, but have procrastinated doing something about it, but now I absolutely have to.

I have chosen my next step. Have you? You and you alone have the power to do something. Grab onto it and unleash it. You are in control. You have all the power you need, you just have to use it. Let's all vow to fight and win the journey we find ourselves on. And above all don't ever, ever, give up because success is just around the corner. Till next time, God Bless.



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