Hello out there! Sorry I wasn’t able to get up a new post last night. Was too tired and brain dead all at the same time, so just decided to leave the same one up for two days. Wow was it a hot one here today. We went to the small fair in Johnson City where my hubby’s nephew’s polka band performs every year. It Was so hot we only danced a little. My picture was taken at kind of a funny angle and where it wasn’t flat so I was kind of looking up. Calling this, “Color MEET Design!”

We took the hand pics on the hood of my hubby’s Caddy. We used the flash on my I Phone for all the pictures because it was starting to get dark. The flash works great. The jewelry I wore I made eons ago but it was a perfect fit for this dress.

Pretty soon you’ll get to see a new manicure. Tuesday getting both manicure and pedicure this time.

Well this post is going to be as much for me as you, maybe even more so. I have totally fallen off the tracks; not in exercise but in my meals. Now I have to get serious. I’m almost afraid to weigh myself tomorrow. I’m afraid it’s going to say I need to re lose at least 10 pounds. I have to stop putting this off. I know what to do, I just need to do it. I think tomorrow I will be cleaning out my refrigerator and stocking up on all the right foods and begin to get this train headed back in the right direction. This has gone on long enough.

Are any of you in the place I find myself in right now? Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us at some point in the journey. This is just more evidence that the journey never ends.

Truer words were never spoken. We should probably have these words someplace that we can see them every day.

I HAVE to start feeding my body correctly once again. Fitness wise I am golden. I am totally to blame for where I find myself today and now it is up to me to correct it. No one can do it for me and no one can do it for you. We are each responsible for our own destinies.

We can do this; one step, one meal, one day. Don’t give up, don’t quit. Just keep doing!!!

We may get frustrated and angry at ourselves, but we need to start every day be telling ourself, “I Can Do This! “I am very frustrated and angry at myself right now, but hopefully that will give me the fuel I need to push through this and just get going again. Make it the fuel that you might need for any changes you want to make in your own journey.

No other words needed. Make them yours! Let’s conquer our demons together!!! Go team!

Let us vow together to keep on keeping on! We’re going to keep on fighting the fight and make ourselves be the best we can be. Let’s do this! Till next time, God Bless.


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