It's a new day in Carol's Corner. Pull up a chair, grab your favorite libation and let's hang out together. Today's picture is another real casual look. But casual doesn't have to be ordinary. For me accessories can kick everything up a notch. Today's sparkle from my jewelry and one of my favorite pairs of sandals fits the bill. Calling this ensemble, “Paisley Wonder.” The top is another of my thrift store purchases. Love the colors and the little attached white piece that looks like it's a separate top underneath.

My Amethyst flower ring with the Blue Topaz center matches the top to perfection.

And of course there is always my FitBit Combo.

And then there is this fun watch from my watch collection.

Are you letting age hold you back from becoming the new healthier more fit version of you? I remember the time that it was for me back in I guess it was 2012. Kind of lost track of when I began my transformation. Oh now that I think on it I remember I was 63 at the time. I had let the pounds keep piling on till I thought at my age what was the use? It took a health crisis of sorts to change my line of thinking. Don't let that be you. Don't let age be the factor that is keeping you from charting a new course for yourself. I am living proof that age was just a convenient excuse. Once I changed those excuses and actually started my journey there was no holding me back. It doesn't have to hold you back either. Granted we all go through rough patches, like I have myself lately, but it doesn't have to derail us completely. Don't think you can't be strong and fit when it comes to your fitness regimen. I again am living proof. If you can move you can become fit. You can get stronger than you ever thought possible. You can have more endurance and more stamina. I have totally amazed myself with what I have been able to accomplish in the exercise arena. You have to find the things that work for you and and just keep working. Adapt your workouts to whatever physical limitations you have or think you have. Eventually, you might find out that many of them have disappeared.

These are definitely words to live by. There are so many times and so many ways that we let our minds keep us from doing a multitude of things. Don't you think it is high time that we stopped putting limitations on what we can do because we make age such a big factor in how we think about things? More times than not those limitations are unfounded. We just have to open our mind to the possibilities and just do. You will be surprised at what happens when you do just that.

Stop all those negative thoughts and feelings swirling around inside your head that are keeping you from realizing the goals and dreams you have to become that new happy, healthy, and fit you. Replace them with three little words, “Yes I Can,” and right after that, “Yes I Will.”

I think that most people who know me or come into contact with me would agree that I embody what the above graphic describes. I am and always will be young at heart. Everything that I do or am involved with I do with enthusiasm. I don't do anything halfway. Work hard to realize your goals and dreams, but never lose that child like love and zest for life, because that is what will keep you young at heart and joyful for the rest of the days you are blessed to live. Till next time, God Bless.

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