Welcome back to Carol’s Corner. Can you believe it’s already September 1st? Where the heck has this year gone? Today was the day I went to the State Fair with my girlfriend to see her Oak Ridge Boys in concert. Including today she has seen them 41 times. They know her quite well. More about that later. Loving this outfit. This blouse was a thrift store purchase from last year and I love everything about it, the colors and the interesting design of it; the asymmetrical neckline and the interesting folds in it. It’s really kind of unique. Calling this,” Passion Runs Wild.”

This jewelry set I had made picks up many of the color tones in the blouse,

as does my FitBit Combo. Somehow my ring got turned around, so here is a closeup. It also goes really well with this blouse.

The ring is one of six that I had made by a jewelry artisan. I had to have this when I saw this color stone, as it is a very hard color to get.

Before I try and figure out what the heck I am going to discuss tonight wanted to show you this. One of the Oak Ridge Boy’s band members threw me their guitar pick. One side says Oak Ridge Boys and the other his name.

Pretty cool and unexpected.

So what am I going to talk about?Well first of all I ate pretty bad today, but haven’t been to the fair in years and years so totally went off the rails food wise. And I didn’t sleep last night, so that further complicates the weight issue. I also know my blood levels are going to be worse this time. I have to get things righted before the end of the month when my blood draw is, and my doctor’s visit which is the first week in October. I know I can’t continue this way. My one saving grace right now is with my exercise regimen. In that respect I am golden. In August I did a total of 267 miles, 99% of that being workout miles. Today on the 1st of September, I already clocked 6 workout miles and 4 walking at the fair for a total of 10 miles the very first day. My goal is to do at least 250 and then seeing how high I can go after that. If I am not being the best example in one area I have to be doubly so in another and then I have to do what it takes to get the other area back on track.

Well I guess you could say I’ve come to the point in my journey that I’ve not only fallen off the wagon, but fallen with a hard landing. I think you could say I’ve reached a tipping point. It’s now or never, time to get truly serious. To use that old expression, it’s time to pay the piper. I will have the courage to get back on again. I will succeed, I refuse to fail. Failure is not an option. If you are where I am right now, don’t be afraid to admit it. There is no shame in the fact that you’re struggling. It’s courageous to admit it. When you acknowledge it, you have made the first step to getting back on track and moving your journey back in the forward direction that it needs to be. In fact if there is anyone reading this who finds themself where I currently find myself I would like you to personally let me know. I think we can support and motivate each other as we go about getting out journey back to the place it needs to be to insure continued success.

I would like to close with this. If you are going through struggles of your own or one like my current one, we both need need to make this our daily mantra. In fact I am going to print this out on an 8×11 1/2 sheet, laminate it, and display it where I will see it every day. The operative words are I.Will.Not.Quit-EVER! Make them yours! Till next time, God Bless.


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