Welcome to Monday night in Carol's Corner and the start of a new week. I totally love my picture for the day. I kinda dig the whole look. I've worn both these pieces in different combo's. They're quite versatile. For this ensemble I have brand new funky jewelry I just bought last week and these sandals I just received from my sister that are kind of sexy looking. New accessories are a great way of making any outfit look like new and separates like these can be used in any number of ways with other pieces.

Tonight I think we'll talk a little about how we tend to be our own worst enemy and sabotage ourselves in this journey we all find ourselves on. There can be many reasons we do this. I think one of the biggest one for many people is self doubt and allowing things other people say to get in the way.

If you are one of those people who let other people mess with your mind and make you doubt or second guess yourself, you need to make this your mantra. Print this out and put it in places where you want to be reminded. The top two ways sabotage plays into your journey is by your own hand or by how you let others mess with your mind.

Start realizing the power within yourself. Take the above words to heart and start harnessing all that is within you. Get rid of all the self doubt. Stop worrying about all the things other people say and do and concentrate on what YOU need to do. Start believing in how strong you are. Put it into practice daily and see what a difference it makes.

Stop letting your doubts get in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. This could happen in either part of your journey; your eating plan or your exercise regimen. Especially when it comes to exercise, don't be afraid to push yourself. I can do so much more than I ever thought possible. In fact when you accomplish more in this area your confidence level increases exponentially, in all areas of your life. Start believing in yourself and everything will change. When you truly believe, change will come. Count on it, expect it.

I'd like to close with this. Read it, memorize it, and practice it daily as you work your way through the twists and turns we all have on this journey. In doing so you will be able to accomplish everything you desire in your march towards your health and fitness goals. Believe it, wait for it, and never EVER give up. Till next time, God Bless.

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