Well here we are at the end of another week in Carol's Corner. Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy. Today's pictures aren't quite as crisp as usual, Hubby was in a hurry. For those people who think I never wear anything twice, you might have seen this dress in a picture sometime in the last few months. I love everything about this dress; the style, the colors, the fit, just everything. Today we're going to call this, “Sunday's finest.”

Forgot what I wore with this before, but this set of jewelry goes perfectly. And boy my new manicure is awesome with this dress, no matter which color it decides to be.

Well as much as I didn't want to my body decided I had to have a rest day. I kind of crashed today, no workouts and didn't make my step count for the first time since I had that stomach bug back in early June. After church I slept for about 6 hours. I actually slept through two different alarms today. Guess my body let's me know when it says no more. Make sure you listen to yours. I am kind of stubborn and don't like to give in.

I am going through a rough patch with my eating. I'm up between 8-10 pounds. Clothes still seem to fit ok, probably because I work out religiously, but need to get off at least part of that in my middle. I know as your leader and guide in all this that I can't let it go too much further than it has. At least you know that we all still have our struggles and that the journey is FOREVER. Don't ever think it's over and fully conquered because it isn't. As we all have seen sometime or other, things can change so quickly and it goes on much faster than it goes off.

As this above graphic points out, it is through falling and getting back up that we become stronger and realize just what we are made of. We understand that no matter how many times we mess up that we have the strength and the knowledge to begin again and get back on the right track going in the right direction. Don't EVER think it's too late or that you've messed up too many times.

This just doesn't have to apply to one bad day. It could be weeks or even months. We just have to make the decision get back on the horse as they say and keep on going.

I'd like to close with this. Where do you find yourself? It could even change from time to time. Like I said previously, the journey is never really over. But wherever you find yourself, know that you can arrive at anyplace you set your mind to, just whatever you do, don't you ever ever give up. Till next time, God Bless.

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