Welcome to Saturday night in Carol's Corner. I totally am in love with this entire ensemble. This is the other dress I had shortened. It just makes all the difference. The colors are just divine and of course I always love when I can wear my matching shoes. I still can't believe just how much I have been able to wear them. I just got this gorgeous necklace where I get my nails done . All the fancy pearl like jewelry really sets off the dress. Calling this,”Dancing the Blues Away.” Of course tonight was our dancing night. So thought between that and blue dress it was perfect.

Got a new manicure yesterday and as always I love it.

This picture shows off my manicure the best. It's also a color changing polish and you can see the design on the one nail much better than the other picture.

After much drama I finally received my Miracle Miles workout set today. Love it so far. I did the 1 mile and the 4 mile workouts for a total of 5 miles . Still getting used to operating the new style band but I'll get it eventually. It used in each workout along with the cardio. Tomorrow I am going to try the 5 mile workout. On the 1 mile DVD, there are 3 bonus workouts using the bands; upper body, lower body, and a total body workout, (Girl's are you ready?”) The total body workout is led by Nick.

So been sitting here trying to figure out what to talk about for this issue. And I have to make it shorter than some days because I have to do a million things before I can go to bed. I decided to go with something about attitude. Your attitude in just about everything you do in your life, can mean the difference between success and failure. I really like the above picture which uses the analogy of a flat tire. If you go on your weight loss journey with a negative or pessimistic attitude you just might be defeating yourself before you even get started. You can't go into this with an attitude that says ,” I'm never going to be able to do this, or it's just too hard, or it's going to take to long,” just to name a few. Rarely will negative attitudes yield positive results. Just like it says ,you're not going anywhere until you change your attitude. Try doing something like this. Sit down with pen and paper and put on your thinking cap. List all the negative and pessimistic thoughts you have about your journey. Then go through each one and start thinking about all the ways you could turn them around into something more positive, something that will help you along the way and help make you more successful as you go about your journey.

Another great example of how important having the right attitude is. Ponder what this is really saying. It isn't always a matter of how smart you are, or how much you know about a subject that determines how successful you'll become. It can many times boil down to the attitude you have towards whatever your undertaking may be. Strive to begin every day with an I can attitude . You will be amazed at the difference it can make.

I'd like to close with this. Attempt to go through every day with as much positivity as you can. Think about everything you do. When you catch yourself having one of your bad attitude days, turn it around as fast as you can. If you do this on a daily basis you will see the truth about positive attitudes yielding positive results. I hope this is just a small bit of help that you might have needed to continue on your journey. Till next time, God bless.


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