Welcome to Saturday night in Carol's Corner. Another beautiful day in Central New York, not overly warm but nice. Saturday is our dancing day unless we are away. I love to dress up when we go dancing whether anyone else does or not. We took this picture outside again. Love the little fountain in the background. Got a lot of compliments on this dress. Calling this,”Razzle Dazzle Berry.”

I chose to go with black accessories for this. The neckline is very high and only a longer necklace looks right with it. I love my black bracelet that houses my exercise tracker and thought the necklace looked pretty nice with the dress so went all black with the jewelry, stockings and shoes.

I'm going to have to make this shorter than usual. I'm getting a very late start and have an early morning.

I'd like to touch on how weight loss and regular exercise can improve health issues such as diabetes especially, and others such as chloresterol issues and the prevention of heart disease.

This graphic says it all. Disease or illness may have already found you. It found me 2 Novembers ago. I let my weight go to my highest point ever and didn't exercise at all except for our weekly dancing. That doctor's visit in November was a game changer for me. My fasting glucose, my A1C, and my triglycerides were all too high. It was then and there that I knew I couldn't let things go in the wrong direction any longer. Do you know that Diabetes can negatively and dangerously impact every system in your body? Also high triglycerides go hand in hand with Diabetes. If you have either one of these conditions it is imperative to take off excess weight and begin a regular exercise regimen. Both will start improving your numbers. I have found that exercise is imperative in regulating my blood sugar. At this present time I am not on any medications for either of my conditions. I'm not sure if I will be able to stay off chloresterol medications yet. My next bloodwork will probably decide that. If you are diabetic or even pre diabetic I strongly encourage you to get off any excess weight and commit to a regular exercise regimen.

The not so funny part of this little cartoon is that diabetes can affect your eye sight. There is an eye disease that comes solely from badly controlled diabetes. It is no laughing matter. If you are diabetic, you need to research for yourself all the ways that this disease can have a profound affect on your life, in fact it can and will kill you if you don't get it under control. This is not meant to scare you, but to motivate you to take charge of your future if you are a diabetic.

This is a graphic that backs up what I say about weight loss and exercise in controlling diabetes, along with proper diet of course.

How many of these things would you like to have? What are you willing to do to get them? Do you want a strong heart? Do you want to prevent heart disease. Losing weight, exercising and proper diet can be just the ticket you need. You can have all the things in the above picture, but you have to work for that to become a reality. Above all you first have you want it! Once you decide you do, then you have to commit to doing all the things that will help you achieve those goals.

Sometimes we forget we even have to do anything to keep our body running efficiently. We tend to think all we have to do is get up in the morning and go about our day. Which do you want to do, ignore your bodies needs now or pay the consequences later? You decide.

Find your excitement. Be proactive. Wake up every day knowing that you are doing the things you need to have a healthy body and a long life. Till next time God bless.

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