Welcome readers to another night in Carol’s Corner. Hope this finds everyone in good health and good spirits. I hope everyone found last night’s post helpful to your journey. Really liking today’s outfit. The top is one of my thrift store purchases. Paired underneath it is my black Cami Shaper. They are especially great with necklines like this and I own every color they have. I love it with this straight knit skirt. The statement necklace also works quite nicely with the neckline of this blouse. I’m calling this ensemble,”Jungle Fever.”

My hand pictures are especially interesting today. Hubby took them on the trunk of his Caddy. Was laughing because he put one of his Amsoil car magnets next to it. But the coolest part of the pictures are the clouds you can see. Made for two interesting pictures.

My FitBit combo couldn’t have been a better match for my blouse.

Been sitting here trying to figure out what I was going to speak about tonight. Just decided I will use some more pictures and speak a little on what each one might be saying to all of us on the journey.

This journey we all are on is one without an ending. There is no expiration date, that is unless we are not on this earth anymore. Do you have days when you just want to give up, when you just think it’s too hard, you’ve made too many mistakes, do you let other people’s negativity make you doubt yourself? It is during these times of self doubt that you have you have to turn off all those voices in your head that are trying to make you give up your fight.

Don’t let any progress you’ve already made be for nothing. If you’ve screwed up it doesn’t matter. At any given second in this journey you can turn things around and get on the right track. Forget about yesterday. Work today to make a better tomorrow. Make every day count.

Start every day with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts yield positive results. Negative ones yield negative results. If you tell yourself,” Hey I’ve got this today,” chances are you will. Keep positive affirmations tucked away in your mind, so when you need them they’ll be right there, just waiting to be used when they’re most needed.
There is so much truth to the above statement. Self doubt can kill your dreams before you ever have a chance to begin to realize them. Don’t let yourself fall prey to doubt. When you begin to believe in yourself, you are on the road that leads to success. Do whatever you can every single day to continue believing in all you can accomplish. Believe it and you will do it. Doubt can be the biggest killer of dreams. Don’t be a statistic. Believe in yourself and make your dreams become reality.
I love this one. And it doesn’t just hold true for feelings or emotions. Whenever you are waiting for perfect conditions, till you’re not as busy, till you have more time, or whatever the “till” is, you will always be waiting and never doing. And when it comes to emotions, they change just like the wind. Forget about waiting for anything. Just start doing and you will be one step closer to realizing all the dreams you have when it comes to your weight loss goals, your fitness and your health. Stop waiting and start doing, today!! Your tomorrow will be bigger and brighter when you do. Till next time, God Bless.


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