Welcome back to my little corner of the blogosphere known as Carol’s Corner. It was a gorgeous day here in Central New York. Even got hubby to take an hour long walk with me in the early evening. But now the night is way too cool for August. I had to visit my friend in the hospital today. They’re doing renovations so we had to go in the emergency entrance. We ended up doing today’s picture outside of there. Calling this,”Circling The Globe, One Step At A Time.”

I had another perfect set of jewelry to go with this dress. And I didn’t even make it for this one.

The polka dotted FitBit band went great with the circle theme.

So what am I going to talk about tonight? I’ve procrastinated getting started because I haven’t quite figured that out. But I think I am going to start with my accomplishments today. I still can’t believe all I have been able to do in this past week when it comes to my exercise regimen. I have really pushed the envelope and I keep surprising myself. Here are my stats for Sunday.

Never in a million years did I EVER think I would be posting numbers like this. I would have laughed in your face if you even suggested I could accomplish such a feat. I just sit here looking at these numbers and keep thinking, “How did I ever do this?” Having a FitBit and being in challenges has made me push the limits of what I ever conceived of doing before. Tonight was a perfect example. I did enough walking and workouts to go above 30,000 steps for the second time, something inconceivable till this past week. So I’m sitting in Denny’s eating my salad and happened to check my FitBit app and discovered I needed less than 300 steps to hit 32,000. Well there is a perfect place to walk around, there. I told Angel I was going to walk the hotel loop to increase my count. Well it was 11:51 or so. I just kept walking the parking lot loop till it hit 12:00. I almost made it to 33,000 but ran out of time. It is incredibly satisfying to discover that at age 64 1/2 years young, you can physically challenge yourself in ways you thought impossible till you just did it and found out it wasn’t impossible after all. I just added my step count the last 9 days and it totaled 219,670 steps. That’s a lotta walking baby!!!!! I am also doing strength training and currently doing the 21 day arm challenge and loving it. I had started with three pound weights and am now using 5 pounders. The next milestone is going to be jumping up to 8 pounders. That should be interesting to say the least, but I’m gonna attempt it pretty soon.

Are you challenging yourself physically? Is there something you want to accomplish, but think it’s an impossibility? Are you letting your age stand in your way? Are you afraid to try something new? Crush all that negative energy and start believing in what you can accomplish if only you put your mind to it. Believe in what’s possible and change those “I cant’s,” instead, to “I’m going to.” Every day push yourself just a little bit further than your comfort zone, and soon you too will be crashing right through those barriers your mind kept you from crossing.
Do you let your current size or weight stop you from doing all you can,to become a better “you”? Do you find yourself saying such things as, ” Well when I lose 20 more pounds I’ll start exercising more?” That line of thinking is self defeating. The time is NOW not WHEN!! Everything you are doing in the present, is what is going to set you on the path to the better ” you”, you desire to become. Do everything you can do now, not later. Before you know it, that better version of “you” is going to blossom right in front your eyes.
I hope the things I try to impart to you daily, will help you to Be Fearless and all the other things stated above. I hope you can see those traits in me and that I can be an inspiration to you, each and every day. Till next time, God bless.


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