Welcome to another edition of Carol's Corner. I'd like to thank my many readers for giving Carol's Corner three 100+visitor days this week. I also had my highest country representation this week. I hope I was able to help, inspire, or motivate anyone who has been going through a rough time. I need that myself. We took today's picture in the yard next door to us. I have always loved Birch trees. I thought the whole thing made a beautiful backdrop for my daily pic. So we're calling this,”Nature's Beauty.” And as you can see my blouse had large colorful blooms.

Used another set of jewelry I made.

Decided on the black FitBit Band with the leafy floral design and a BandCuff that picked up one of the colors in my blouse. As you can see by this pictures I am badly in need of a new manicure. Hopefully I can get it pretty soon because it's pretty noticeable that I need one now.

I'd like to focus a little on goal setting, it's importance in our journey and how it can help you to achieve things you never thought you could. I found all kind of visuals to use and I like the one above to begin our discussion. To get things started, I'll ask you, did you set any kind of goals when you began this journey? If you didn't were you afraid to? To those who did, did you keep them to yourself or did you voice them to other people? Setting goals both short term and long term are are kind of like a roadmap. It shows you where you want to go and where you want to end up. Don't be afraid to set goals. You may not always reach them when you want, but when you have a defined set of goals it makes you have some kind of game plan to get there. Also don't keep your goals to yourself. When you voice your goals to someone else it makes you want to work harder to reach them. At the start of this journey short term goals with rewards built in for reaching them , can be a big motivating factor. Setting small goals along the way and rewarding yourself in non food ways helps to keep you going. It can be overwhelming if you just concentrate on that far away long term goal. You need the long term ones, but breaking it up into sets of smaller increments and then reaching them, let's you know what success feels like. Success begets success. And goals in this journey aren't just about that number on the scale. Your health and your fitness plays a big role on this journey. I began my own for health reasons. And what I did along the way paid off both in weight loss AND my health issues. If you haven't done so already set yourself down and define what your goals are in your journey, and break them up into small steps that you can reach. When you reach one, you will find it easier to continue on and work to achieve the next one. Importantly, share your goals with someone else. If you share them with someone close to you they may be able to support you and help you reach them. It's also a way to make yourself more accountable, because when someone else knows, you will probably work harder to achieve them. Beside my weight loss goals, earlier this year I had a goal of doing a 5K Walk. I voiced this aloud to different people who encouraged me to go for it, so I decided I was going to make it happen. On Mother's Day. I made that goal a reality. I completed my first ever 5k Walk in a respectable time of 42.38, making it under a 14 minute mile. Just today I realized another goal that I voiced around in all my groups. This month I had a goal of doing 200 workout miles for the month of July. Tonight I realized that goal. Two different goals that I never thought possible. Do you have a goal that you think is out of your reach? Take on one of them and I bet you can attain it if you really want it bad enough. You are capable of way more than you think.

I love this. And of course I love Dwayne Johnson too!!! Do you know what it means to you to achieve your goal? Have you thought about it? Is reaching it going to change your life for the better? When you know what your goals are and the many reasons you might have for reaching them you are probably going to work harder to achieve them, because you realize how important they are.

This is something I see many need to embrace. Pat yourself on the back for every milestone you reach along the way. See the big picture and know that every step you take to achieve your endgame so to speak, puts you one step closer to the finish line. This journey is not a sprint, it's one of endurance like a marathon runner. Keep that is mind as you journey your way to the finish line.

Here's another little gem of wisdom? If you're having trouble reaching one of your goals have you asked yourself,” Am I doing all the things I need to do to reach my goal?” If the answer is no, now is the time to reevaluate what you are doing and take the necessary steps to turn things around. All during this journey we may have to change course a time or two to get to the finish line.

As you work your way to the finish line ask yourself this periodically and when need be,change course.

I love the one above. I just want you to ponder this one.

I'd like to end with this. Do you have a dream for yourself in this journey? Do you have faith that you can reach it? Have you taken action to make your dreams come true? Are you perservering? Are you patient with yourself and and know that it will take time to realize your dream? Put all these things together and one day you will wake up and see that what you dreamed of is now a reality and that dreams really can come true. Till next time , God Bless.


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