Welcome to Monday night in Carol's Corner. So today was the start of our heat wave and I dressed accordingly. It's a colorful fun breezy outfit. We took today's picture by the side of my hubby's 1994 Cadillac DeVille. It's a beauty and an unexpected purchase last fall. So with that as my backdrop decided to call this,”Road-trip.”

I was able to use some beautiful jewelry I had made because of the many colors in the blouse. The blouse has soft shades, the jewelry more vivid versions. I had two bracelets because I thought I lost the one. After I made another, it turned up. I kind of like wearing the two together.

My FitBit combo is also in the more vivid version of the colors.

I am using the above quotation from Maya Angelou as the basis of tonight's post. Tonight's pondering and discussion is as much for me as it is for you. I am feeling somewhat defeated myself as of late. I have let my eating habits get lax and sometimes out of control. My weight is up way more than I'm comfortable with. I know exactly what to do but I have not done it consistently. I am somewhat disgusted with myself. Should I as your leader and role model be going through this? Should I already have gotten this back in control? Those are the questions that have made me feel somewhat defeated. But then I think,” Do I have to go through this to better be able to help you?” I'm guessing the answer must be yes. I have to use this as a learning tool. I have to use it to make me stronger. I have to use this temporary setback to help you overcome your own. We are in this together, so let's get through it together. We're going to have many “DEFEATS” along the way, but DON'T LET IT DEFEAT YOU. Use all your small “failures” to make you stronger for the journey that's still ahead of you.

I love this. It's really something to make you stop and take pause and give you great hope. Just because you might be in a place that makes you feel like you're a failure, doesn't mean you will stay one. It is from these setbacks that we experience from time to time, that shows us that if we persevere, greater things are ahead of us. We have to remember that this journey will probably have a long and rocky road that we have to navigate our way through, and that there might be many of what others might see as failures, but what really are just a bump in the road that is going to lead us to our greatest successes.

We just might be the biggest obstacle standing in the way of our own success. In order to have success in this journey we're on, we first must believe that we can succeed. We have to know in our hearts that we have everything we need no matter what life throws in our way. We have a strength somewhere inside us that just has to be tapped into and we can if we just believe it. When your next obstacle crosses your path, reach deep down inside yourself and find the strength and the belief in yourself to overcome anything that's thrown your way. You are stronger than you know. I'd like to leave you with this.

Have you been ready to give up on yourself? Have you been feeling defeated? Have you ever felt that you will never ever cross that finish line? Banish all those negative feelings and replace them with hope. Hope, that today is going to be the day you soar and fly onward and upward to heights you never thought possible. Today could be the day you become a butterfly! Till next time, God Bless.


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