Welcome to Wednesday night in Carol’s Corner. We had a heat wave today in Central New York. Can’t complain because we’ve hardly had what you could call summer up till now, and we’re finally gonna have a normal summer night. Our nights have been ridiculously cold for the latter part of July. Have a couple different pictures of today’s ensemble. You’ll see why in a minute. Been trying to take as many outdoor pictures as possible. Calling this, ” Simply Marvelous Dahlinng!” This would not be complete without showing you the back. It’s what drew me to it in the first place. I just use my white Cami Shaper underneath.

Someone younger would probably not wear anything underneath it, but think it looks fine this way.

This is one of my favorite FitBit Bands, even though there are only a few outfits I can wear it with. It is just so pretty.

It looks really nice with this Coral and Mother Of Pearl Bracelet. Tomorrow when you see my hand pics I should finally have a new manicure. I sorely need it.

I would like to start out tonight by saying that the sentiment you see expressed above, is exactly my own desire and I hope that every day that I have succeeded in some small way.

That brings us to what I would like to talk about tonight and that is the part attitude plays in our weight loss journey.

The above statement says it all. One sets the tone that leads to success, the other to possible failure. If you start this journey thinking you can’t succeed, there is a good probability that you won’t. It is like a self fulfilling prophecy. Don’t start or continue the journey you’re on by telling yourself you can’t. You are more times than not, what that voice in your head is telling you. Stop that inner voice that is saying,” I can’t do this” and replace it with a voice that is showing you all the reasons you can and will succeed.

Absolutely love this. If you’re having trouble silencing the voices inside your head that are trying to derail your weight loss and fitness efforts, print out the above sentiment. Place it in various places where you will see it, and reaffirm what this says whenever you pass by it, and tell yourself that you CAN and WILL succeed. Don’t let your own negativity or anyone else’s keep you from doing the things you need to do, to bring about the changes you’re trying to make in your life.

I totally believe this and it is especially true in our weight loss journey. The right attitude is important in every aspect of our lives, but even more so when it comes to successfully navigating the world of weight loss. You CANNOT be successful if you don’t believe you CAN be. Changing your attitude and your belief in yourself will change your results.

Believe in yourself and what you are capable of, and you will be well on your way to achieving the success you desire. Surround yourself with positive affirmations. Stop trying to talk yourself out of believing you can do this. Instead tell yourself you can every chance you get.

This should be your mantra. Repeat it to yourself over and over whenever you are feeling weak or overwhelmed. Repeat it till you believe it. It should be your new best friend.

Ponder this for a minute. It starts and ends with attitude. It can set us on the path to success or it can lead us down the road to failure. Where do you want to end up? It is totally up to you.

As for me I choose to walk on clouds. You CAN and SHOULD. It’s your choice. Till next time, God Bless.

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