Welcome to Friday night here in Carol's Corner. It was a beautiful day today in Central New York. Except it's still going to be in the fifty's again tonight, which is totally ridiculous for the end of July. Sure hope we get some good weather the next two months. I love the outfit I have on today. I actually got this dress in the thrift store last year. Love the style, love the fit, love the soft colors. Calling this, ” Fun and Flirty.” This dress makes me feel young.

Chose jewelry to bring out the pale aqua/pale blue shades in the dress.

My FitBit Combo also works well with the outfit.

Been having so much fun with my manicure, it's a mood changing polish and changes many times during the course of a day. Heat and cold affect it. It was both colors this evening. And the coolest is when it is a blend of both.

Reading in groups and comments this week, many of us including myself are going through some struggles as of late. That is why we need to remember what the above graphic shows us. We can only think of this journey in the long term. It is also something that will never end and we are going to go through many ups and downs and twists and turns. All through this post I am going to insert visuals to help remind us of important nuggets of wisdom.

Everything in our lives involves a journey of some kind. It is the choices we make in the journey we find ourselves on, that will make the difference between success and failure. The path we take in our journey is not always a straight line. There are some times detours along the way, detours that might trip us up and derail us for awhile. But know that there is always a way to find your way back from the detour you took, and find the path that will reroute you in the right direction.

Maybe if you're going through a rough patch as I seem to be at the moment , you and I need to take a side trip and revisit what inspired and motivated us in the first place. What were the things that helped us achieve our greatest victories,kept us the most motivated and brought us the most joy and satisfaction? It is sometimes so easy to get sidetracked by this thing we call life. It is easy to let things slide. It is harder to get back on track. Take time to remember all the things that were your source of inspiration till you found yourself on the wrong highway.

Sometimes a detour we find ourselves on might be to show us things we need to know down the road, things that will make us stronger for the road ahead. Or maybe it's so we can help others when they find themselves on that same detour. I hope that is the reason why I am struggling a bit right now. Maybe I have to experience it firsthand so I am better equipped to help someone else who is going through the same thing. Maybe together we are supposed to find our way back from that detour and continue on the road that leads us to future success and victories over the things that find a way to trip us up. If you find yourself in that place let's get off that detour and continue the journey.

Remember that you're not alone . Let's keep on pushing together. It doesn't matter WHEN you cross the finish line that matters, it's that you DO. I'd like to leave you with this.

Let's continue to push on to victory my friends. Till next time, God Bless.

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