Hi all! Welcome back to Carol's Corner. Hope your weekend has been full of fun and activity. It was a beautiful day here in Central New York. Not too hot, not too cold. Over the next few days we have hotter weather coming, looks like the central air is going to be coming back on soon. Today's picture was taken at a park where we had to attend a graduation party, so called this, ” A Stroll Through the Park.” Bought this dress last year but hadn't worn it yet. Everyone seems to have loved it . The thing I love is that the dress has the bra portion built right into it, so it is extremely comfortable.

All the colors in the dress are picked up in the jewelry.

Went with the white FitBit band and used the Aqua BandCuff to bring that color out from the dress.

As you know from my posts, there are many of us that are struggling as of late,myself included. We all need reminders to keep us going when the going gets tough. And some days just might be tougher than others. I'm going to continue today with more visuals, as a way to direct the conversation and a way to inspire and motivate. So let's get started.

We all have bad days or even bad weeks when we're on this journey. Sometimes we let things get out of control, as in my case as of late. And sometimes we resolve to stop the downward spiral and instead we're worse than ever. That is exactly what happened to me. I was supposed to reboot my efforts diet wise and somehow I just didn't make it happen In fact I'm up more, instead of being down on the scale. Am I disgusted with myself? The answer to that is a resounding YES. Do I have to let that defeat me? Not if I don't let it. And you don't have to either. Take some inspiration from the above graphic. Sometimes we need reminders. While starting this tonight, I decided to take some of them and print and laminate them . My hubby's laminator is simple to use and I took 6 different ones and made them into 8 1/2 x 11 laminated pages. I am going to shop for a board that I can use as my inspiration board and will put a different one on it every day just to serve as a reminder and a source of inspiration. No matter how strong we think we are can still screw up, but any day we can decide to turn things around. Make today be your day to start fresh and turn the train around and get back on the right track.

Ponder that for a minute. When you do, I think you will realize it's not the things that physically hold you back from being successful , it's what's in your mind that whisper's in your ear.”Oh come on,just this once eat whatever you want, have that second piece of cake”, or you telling yourself, “Well I'll start tomorrow.” But tomorrow ends up being weeks or months sometimes. It's a never ending mind game.

We need to keep our minds strong. We constantly need to remember how and why we began our journey. It started in your mind the day you decided to take charge of your life and begin your journey; a journey to achieve a healthy weight and a fit body. Use your mind and let it power up your journey. I have kind of let things go this past month and now it has caught up with me. I am totally rocking the physical aspect of my journey, but I need to fully recommit with my mind and get my resolve back. I have to conquer this setback I've experienced and be a better example to the people I am trying to help. I've come to the conclusion, that this little setback I'm experiencing is so I am better equipped to help people when they are going through the same thing. Whoever out there that is going through a similar experience let's vow to keep our minds strong and don't let those little voices that like to whisper in our ear, trip us up again. We are stronger than that little voice.

Have you stopped doing those little things every day that will ensure success? If the answer is yes, we (you and I) need to sit down and decide what we need to change on a daily basis to turn things around and continue on the road to sucess.

I am going to let you ponder the many things in the graphic above. Take some of them to heart and use them to power up your journey . I'd like to leave you with this.

Make this be your mantra. Even with this little setback I'm experiencing, I wholeheartedly embrace this with every fiber of my being. So get out there ladies and start to make the rest of your life be the best of your life You deserve it. Till next time, God Bless.


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