Welcome to another day in Carol’s Corner. Hope you all had a great start to the new week. So first let’s get all my pictures out of the way. I got this blouse last year at a thrift store. I love the neckline and the gamut of colors that are in it. Calling this ” Wild Paisley Girl”!

My replacement FitBit came today!! Hallelujah time !!! I can just hear Leslie saying that in her DVD’s.

Got the replacement in a color I didn’t have. It’s a deep navy and I paired it with the hot pink BandCuff and ring to bring out the brightness of the blouse and then used silvery jewelry and sandals to complement the look.

So as you know, today I started what I am calling ” My Reboot”. How about you? Did you let yourself get off the train, as we like to say in my group at the station? Are you trying to find your way back on? I encourage any of you out there to not procrastinate and just hop back on the train and begin your own “Reboot”. Here’s how I started mine.

While we were visiting our friends on our recent trip to West Virginia, I got back on a regimen of Shaklee Nutitional Supplements. They use them religiously. Years and years ago we sold them for awhile. So today was the first day I made a drink out of the Revitalizing Protein. The amount I used for this served as a replacement for a meal and is supposed to help with suppressing the appetite and sustain your energy. I actually didn’t eat again till 6-7 hours later. I made my drink with 2 scoops of the protein powder, one cup of the Coconut Drink( same amount of calories as Fatfree Milk), some blueberries (didn’t measure), half a banana, 3 or 4 ice cubes, a little Splenda, and then blended it all up in my Ninja. So that is how I powered up my day. I drank some of this before, some during, and some after I did 6 miles of workouts. It’s optimized nutrition for sustained energy. What I ate the rest of the day was a large salad with chicken at Denny’s and a bisquit with a small amount of butter and strawberry jam. I haven’t even eaten any snacks. I think I have had a pretty good first day of my “reboot”. Can’t wait to see if this will make a difference on the scale for the first full day. I am determined to get back down 6-7 pounds. I’ll know how much when I get there. As I said two days ago, I have made you and the groups I belong to, as well as the group I run, my accountability. I will report on my progress as my “reboot” continues. Have you decided who or what will serve as your accountability?

Besides working to get my eating back on track, I ended up getting a double dose of workouts. My replacement FitBit came today after I had already done 5 miles of workouts. I got it set up and decided I just had to make my step count, so I proceeded to rack up another 6 miles, for a total of 11miles for the day. I am shooting for a 200 mile total for July. I am presently at 144 miles and should hit 150 this next 24 hours. If I do 6 miles each remaining day I will reach that goal. Have you set a workout goal for yourself, one that will really challenge and motivate you to reach new heights in your fitness journey? If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so. I find it very empowering and I surprise myself at what I can accomplish at this stage in my life. I am totally sure I am more fit than at any time. If you are one of those seniors in my age bracket or beyond, you can do so much more than you think you are capable of. Embrace your golden years, as they like to call them, and show the world that you can still be fit, vibrant, and beautiful at ANY age. And for you younger crowd, we can still kick butt. My challenge to all of you at whatever age you may be, up your workouts and push yourself to new heights. You won’t regret it. Set new goals for yourself both in your eating and your fitness and set out to reach them. I believe in you. Believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. Till next time, God Bless.


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