Welcome to another night in Carol's Corner . Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It was a beautiful day here in Central New York. The picture here was my Sunday Church outfit. Love this dress and the necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that worked beautifully with the neckline of the dress. Calling this,” Royalty reigns.”

Wore my Amethyst ring and fancy silver FitBit bracelet.

Then This is my outfit for the second half of the day. Love this blouse a lot. The colors are just fabulous. It has everything, color, beautiful lace, a little bling, and great style. What more could you ask for? Calling this, ” Feminity.” A friend called it ,”Lovely in Lilac.” I think I am going to have to apologize and finish this post tomorrow( well guess it already is), but I am falling asleep trying to write this. I didn't get enough sleep and worked out quite a bit. I usually do another workout before I go to bed, but my body is saying no to anything but sleep right now. Maybe that is what this post is supposed to impart to you. When your body rebels , it's trying to tell you something and you need to listen. There are times when you want to push through and keep going, but your body knows when enough is enough and let's you know you have to change course, and get the rest it needs. This is one of those times for me. I can feel my body crashing and I want to keep going, but I know I have to do what my body is telling me that I need to do. Do you have times like these? Do you try to keep going when your body is screaming at you not to? Listen to what it's saying. I am stubborn and think I can just keep going , but it is times like now when I know I have to do what my body is trying to tell me. So I am finally going to stop trying to fight it and go get the rest and sleep I need. Your body knows what it needs. Listen to what it is telling you. Take heed to what it says, and start the next day refreshed and invigorated and ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way. You will be better for it. Till next time God Bless.


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