Welcome to another edition of Carol's Corner. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine has been awesome because it's been a weekend of dancing. I never grow tired of it. It is always a highlight of my week and when we get the opportunity twice in one weekend I savor every single minute. What better way to work in some exercise than doing something you love. Today's picture was taken outside a Veteran's Memorial where we go dancing. I love the way it came out. You can tell the sun's rays are shining through the trees. This is another dress that completely covers me but hugs all the right curves. In fact, dresses like I've had on the last two days can be much sexier than one that shows everything.

I decided to utilize all the colors in the dress with my accessories. The necklace is one I had been waiting to wear and thought it was perfect with this. Between the FitBit Combo, my royal blue shoes, my necklace and my bracelet, all three colors in my dress were incorporated into my ensemble.

Sitting here trying to think what we should be talking about this time. I think I'd like to challenge you to do something this week. Do you take the time to really think about what you look like when you leave your home, or if you have to run errands do you just throw on anything? Do you take time with your hair, do you put on some make up or do you just hurriedly and half hazardly throw something together and rush out of the house? If that sounds like you, what do you think the message is to people you come in contact with? The journey we all find ourselves on is not an easy one, and there are many things that can trip us up. But one thing I know, is what you do for yourself can change the way you feel about you. You don't have to be at you're goal weight to do all the little things that make you feel good inside. How you present yourself when you go out your door, makes a difference in how other people see you and how they interact with you. This is my challenge to you this week. Go through your closet and put together different outfits that will make you feel great. Put some thought into accessories that will complement them. Experiment with your hair and makeup. Do something for yourself that makes you feel empowered and beautiful , no matter where you are in your journey. You are worth the time and the effort. I guarantee if you put some thought and time into how you look on the outside, you will start to feel differently on the inside. People will stand up and take notice. You will be motivated and invigorated to continue on the path you need to take to becoming the person you are meant to be; that happy, healthy, fit, and confident woman that is just waiting to show the world what she's made of. Take that challenge, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember, ” You are worth it!! Till next time, God bless.


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