Welcome to a new night in Carol's Corner. Hope everyone is having a good day or night, whichever it may be. We decided to use the tree in front of our house as a backdrop for today's picture. I fit just right under it. I'm wearing my favorite color . I love everything purple or lavender. Calling this simply,” A Walk Through The Flowers “.

With my jewelry and FitBit combo I was able to pull in the purples and pinks from the blouse.

Even my watchband is a shade of purple.

So tonight's blog isn't on a topic per se, but more of a from the heart kind of post as I like to call them. I was on vacation for 10 days and then came our 4th of July holiday which really was a whole weekend of family get togethers and nonstop eating. I let myself enjoy whatever came in the way of eating during this time. The only thing was it didn't stop after this weekend and yesterday I really went overboard again. Suffice to say when I went to bed last night I was extremely shocked when I stepped on the scale. I almost always weigh myself when I get up and before I go to bed, but somehow that never happened Sunday. I knew I was up more than I wanted to be, but this last time it was the highest I've ever been since my weight loss and now it has to stop. Remember people, we can change course anytime we want to. We don't have to continue the wrong way down a one way street, so to speak. We can turn around and head in the right direction any time we want to. My one saving grace has been that I still workout every single day, more often than not twice. While on vacation I didn't miss a day. That is probably the one reason my clothes still seem to fit ok. But I know I need to nip this in the bud before that changes too. I am determined to get back to where I feel the most comfortable and also enough to give me that extra cushion so that one or two pounds doesn't make a difference. I know I shouldn't have let this go as long as I did and now I have to pay the piper. And I wouldn't be a good leader if I didn't do something about it. But it shows that we are all human and that this journey isn't always easy and that it never really ends. It's what we do when life happens, that shows what we are truly made of. Each of us has to decide whether we will let our mistakes defeat us or whether we will let them makes us stronger. I choose to make mine make me stronger and to lead by example, for isn't that a mark of a good leader? I will use this to show you,my readers, that you can make mistakes but that you don't have to let them defeat you. And by sharing this I am making myself be accountable . I will keep you all informed of my progress in getting these added pounds back off. So if you find yourself in the same boat as me, commit yourself to changing whatever you need to and get yourself back on the right track. Don't let it go so long that you are tempted to give up. The one thing I know above everything else is that you must never ever give up. I hope that sharing this with you all helps you in your own journey. Till next time, God Bless.


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