Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of Carol’s Corner. Another beautiful day in Central New York. May I say, it’s about time? Temperature’s are gonna be up and down, but think the snow is finally done. Today I have another blouse from a thrift store shopping trip. Been getting a lot of them out lately. This has all of my favorite colors. We’re calling this one ” Wild Paisley Dreams”.

Was able to pull many of the colors from my blouse into the accessories I chose.

Something that happened today helped me to decide what I was going to blog about. I was doing my walk workout this morning( it was Leslie Sansone’s 5 Mega Miles). Every other mile uses the stretchy band for strength training. As I was working out, I suddenly noticed that I was actually getting muscles in my biceps. I have really thin arms and was quite surprised when I saw actual definition there. I immediately made hubby take pictures.

Someone else might think this was no biggie, but to me it was exciting to see just a small muscle there. Just this week I had decided to do Leslie’s Firm 30 Workout every few days. This one is a killer for me. I use 4 pound weights at the moment because of a shoulder issue and am a little shaky by the time I finish, but am going to try and keep this up.

So that brings me to today’s topic of choice. We will explore why strength training should be part of your workout regimen.

We are going to start with something from In a question and answer session the following question was asked:


The author says that these days ,many people think more is better when it comes to losing weight, and that they move in robotic drone fashion, eagerly jumping on treadmills and ellipticals, day in and day out, cramming as many long and painful cardio sessions in a week as they can. They skip lifting weights because they feel cardio will work up a greater sweat and burn more calories. ( I actually think I sweat more on the 30 minute firm 30 workout than most of my cardio workouts).

1). Why bother with flinging dumbbells around when you can run, run, and run?

2). Plus, after 1-2 hrs of cardio, who has time for resistance training? (1 hour yes, 2 not happening)


Cardio addicts think this is the answer to losing weight. Thus the author says that sadly it is not an efficient method to losing muffin tops. In fact, she says this pattern can lead to over-training , muscle and joint dysfunction, injury and fatigue, all of which ultimately work against losing pounds and inches.

To have lasting results with weight loss, it is important to make your workouts smart , varied, and practical.


Efficient and quick sessions that focus on building muscle mass will aid in producing long-term weight loss success.

So back to the question,

Why is resistance training important for long-term weight loss?


Resistance training is very beneficial for burning fat. Our muscle tissue is very metabolically active, meaning that it requires a lot of energy(calories) for our bodies to maintain. Resistance training is extremely important because it forces the body to maintain it’s muscle tissue, which helps to maintain our metabolism, even if our calorie intake is reduced.

Some experts believe lifting weights can burn calories for up to 12-48 hours AFTER your workout! If we are able to sustain, or even slightly increase our metabolism with resistance training, take in less calories, and keep our hormones in check, our body has to rely on stored fuel. Over time this should make you leaner and more toned.

A lot of people try to starve themselves into weight loss. They think it’s all about controlling calories. Unfortunately a lot of nutritionists and dieticians do not really understand how strength training works, and they also think it is just about calories. Calories in,calories out. If you have a calorie deficit you are going to lose weight , if you consume extra calories you will gain body fat. While this is true, this is only part of the picture.

Sure you need a calorie deficit to lose weight, but how does your body actually use calories? It is your lean body mass, that muscle mass underneath your body fat, that burns calories 24/7, allowing you to actually eat more nutrient-dense calories without gaining additional weight.

At the end of this segment I will provide the link to this so you can read a lengthier explanation of this by Mike Adams from You will find it by scrolling to the section that is all in italics.


If you are not already incorporating resistance training into your workouts, start by adding it to your routines this week. Not only will it help with weight loss, but strength training will also strengthen your bones, joints, and ligaments and improve your balance. It will help you reduce injury, move better/more effieciently, and in return improve your lifestyle.


Remember, you don’t even need equipment. Use the resources around you and use your own body for body-weight exercises. Kick off your shoes, lift a log, carry a rock, throw a sandbag. Don’t be afraid to lift something heavy once in awhile.

When done properly, a resistance training workout combines cardiovascular elements with movement skills. This gives you cardiovascular benefit, helps with endurance and provides you with long term toning and weight loss success.


Work on improving your natural human movement skills. These basic skills can be divided into three categories.

1). LOCOMOTIVE ( walking,running, balancing, jumping,crawling, climbing, swimming)

2). MANIPULATIVE (lifting, carrying,throwing,catching)

3). COMBATIVE ( striking, grappling)

The author says she finds this type of fitness MUCH more interesting, challenging, fun than human “hamster wheels” found in gyms.

Training natural movement skills is very effective as well.


1). Foot-hand (bear) crawls

2). Stepping over and under

3). Natural movement mini-combo workout

4). Tripod transitions on 2×4 board with sandbag

5). Tripod transitions on 2×4 board without sandbag.

I will live it to you to research what the above actually means.


This authors says to try and tear yourself away from your cardio addiction, add resistance training to your exercise programs, eat more cleanly, and rid yourself of that muffin top for good.

I always think it is good to look into new ideas and ways to be successful in our journey. I don’t think we’re gonna throw away our walk workouts and such, but adding strength training is an important component to help us achieve our weight loss and fitness goals. Here is the link to the entire article.

I am going to give you some additional links on the subject of strength training. 7 Reasons To Add Strength Training To Your Workouts. Strength Training: Get stronger, leaner, healthier. Why Strength Training The Importance Of Strength Training For Women

I hope you have found this to both interesting and informative. There is always something new to learn and to try as we maneuver our way along the roadways of our journey into weight loss, health, and fitness. Run with anything you can find to be successful. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Till next time, God Bless.


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