Welcome back to my little corner of the blogosphere. Finally had a glorious day in Central New York, at least one day anyway. So think Spring. Think beautiful colors and new blossoms when you're flowers start getting their buds. I decided to start thinking spring colors with my clothing as I'm sure you've noticed as of late, and today is no exception. This two piece top is something I got on one of my thrift store shopping trips and it's just blooming with color. So with that in mind I decided to call this outfit “Color Reigns Supreme”. I also decided to marry the colors in the blouse by wearing contrasting pants and shoes.

I had been waiting to be able to wear this beautiful FitBit band and again I was able to marry all the colors. Fashion should be fun and interesting and I try to make it that every day. I encourage people to think more about how they put their wardrobe together. Play around. Have fun putting things together that make you feel like a million bucks. Don't wait till you arrive at that magic number before you do all the things you can do to feel good about yourself.

And this leads into what I've decided to talk about in this issue of Carol's Corner. I'd like to explore what I call the psychology of weight loss and how attitude is everything in this journey. I'd like to start with just sharing my own thoughts on the subject and then I will provide you with various links to the same subject,that I think may be helpful for you to pursue.

How many times have you heard someone say,”. I'd love to lose weight, but” and then offer all the reasons that they just couldn't? What are some of those reasons, or might I even say excuses? Before I started the journey that put me where I presently am, my excuse was “I'm just too old. It will just be too hard at my age”. Other's you've probably heard before are, ” I”m too busy”, “Eating right costs too much” “It's just too difficult to diet”. The list can go on and on. But what I think the real reason is, is that we're afraid of failure. But using these excuses usually makes us feel worse about ourselves. I know it did me.

So what is the first step we have to take? We first have to make the decision in our mind that we need to do something. My decision began because of medical issues that could lead to worse problems down the road if I didn't do something. I tell people the journey has to start in our mind. We have to tell ourselves over and over that we can do this, that we can be successful in the goals we set for ourselves. When you tell yourself often enough that you can do it, your heart will start to believe it. That is when the true miracle begins. When you think you can't do something it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. But when you believe you can, you usually succeed. Positive attitudes yield positive results.

How did someone who became successful in their career or business become successful? I'm quite sure they would tell you they did it by hard work and believing in themselves. The same is true when it comes to OUR journey. It will take the same hard work and belief in ourself. Yes it might be hard. Yes there will be ups and downs along the way. But with the right mindset and positive attitude we can overcome anything. See yourself as the person you want to be. Envision it in your mind till you believe you are going to become that person you want to be: vibrant, healthy, fit, and happy. When you truly believe in yourself, you will overcome any obstacles along the way , and you will find a way to turn the negatives into positives. So these are just some of my own thoughts on the subject. Next I will give you links to other articles of interest. This is a great article titled” Can Positive Thinking Help With Weight Loss?” This one is”. 8 Ways To Think Yourself Thin” Another good one ” Change Your Food Attitude” This one is another great one. ” 7 Psychological Factors That Influence Weight Loss”

And I'm leaving you with this. You might want to print this to help you remember mind set is everything.

Believe you can be successful in the journey and you will be. I believe in you. Now believe in yourself. Till next time, God Bless.

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