Well here we are again. Hope your weekend has been a good one so far. I’ve had a lot of events. Monday it’s back to the straight and narrow. We had a retired Officer’s Association luncheon today(. My husband is a retired Lt.Colonel in the Army Corp of Engineers in the reserves). Well anyway it was at a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant. Amazing meal, but did we ever have a lot of food and great dessert. I know I will be paying for this when I see the scale, but it was pretty cool. Imagine my amazement when I walked in and saw this amazing tree. It was so gorgeous . The lights were beautiful little flowers. I knew I had to have a picture by it. What are the odds that I would choose an oufit that looked like I had planned it that way? I just love that tree. I just might have to put this on the computer so I can print one. Keeping up with my game of trying to give a name to my outfit, I’m calling this one”Heavenly Blue”.

This is back at home in our kitchen without the sparkly topper. I still can’t believe how good this dress makes me look. Totally coverd up, but it makes me feel super sexy. I’m living proof that you can look and feel good about yourself at any age. Never ever give up on yourself.

Notice the beautiful muted design in my FitBit band. As you can see my nails have a ton of growth, can’t wait till Monday to get them done. This week coming up is take care of Carol week, first my nails and then Wednesday my hair. So that’s the picture portion for tonight. Let’s try and get down to business and see if we can wrap up this exercise segment. As Leslie likes to say,” go, go, go”!


Adults have many options for becoming physically active, increasing their activity,and staying active throughout their lives. Adults should think about how much physical activity they’re already doing, and how physically fit they are. Personal health and fitness goals are also important to consider.

In general , healthy men and women who plan prudent increases in their weekly amounts of physical activity do not need to consult a health care provider before becoming active.


Inactive adults, or those who don’t yet do 150 minutes of physical activity per week, should work gradually towards this goal. The initial amount of activity should be a light or moderate intensity, for short periods of time, with sessions spread throughout the week. The good news is”some is better than none”.

People gain some health benefits when they do as little as 60 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

To reduce risk of injury it is important to increase the amount of physical activity gradually over a period of weeks to months. For example an inactive person could start with a walking program consisting of 5 minutes of slow walking, several times each day 5-6 days a week. The length of time could then be changed to 10 minutes per session, 3 times a day , and the walking speed could be increased slowly.

Muscle strengthening should also be increased gradually over time. Initially, these activities can be done just one day a week, starting at a light or moderate level of effort. Over time, the number of days a week can be increased to 2, and then possibly more than 2. Each week the level of effort (intensity) can be increased slightly till it becomes moderate to high.


If you already are active and meet the minimum guidelines you can get additional and more extensive health and fitness benefits by increasing activity above that amount. Most adults should increase their aerobic activity beyond the minimum guidelines and move toward 300 minutes per week. Adults should do muscle -strengthening activities at least 2 days each week.

To achieve greater fitness and health goals substitute vigorous activity instead of moderate intensity. It takes half as much at that level to reach the same benefits as doing 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

Adults are encouraged to do a variety of activities, as this reduces the risk of injury caused by doing too much of one kind of activity. ( This is called an overuse injury)


Highly active adults should maintain their activity level. They are also encouraged to do a variety of activities.



Flexibility is an important part of physical fitness. Some types of activities like dancing, require more flexibility than others. Stretching exercises are effective in increasing flexibility, and thereby allow people to do activities that require more flexibility. For this reason, flexibility exercises are an appropriate part of a physical activity program, even though there are no known health benefits, and it’s unclear whether it reduces the risk of injury. Flexibility work does not count toward meeting the guidelines.


These are both acceptable parts of any fitness program. These are usually done at a slower speed, and as Leslie like to say, they prepare your body for the brisk pace that’s to follow. It allows a gradual increase in heart rate and breathing at the start of the activity. Cool -down after an activity allows your heart and breathing to go back down to what it was at the start of the workout. These can count toward your aerobic activity if it’s at least a moderate intensity. A warm up for muscle strengthening , usually involves using lighter weights.

Well as usual I can’t tell when I start how much I can cover . I will have to extend this for one more session, where we will cover exercise in a weight loss plan and a section on examples of ways to meet the guidelines. (Ok, am I starting to sound like Leslie)? Then I promise we will move on to a new topic. But as I said before , knowledge is power. So start putting your physical activity plan into action. Get fit, get healthy, and be proud of yourself for taking the steps necessary to achieve your goals. Till next time, God bless.

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