Good evening to all my friends in cyberspace. I will just have to post a few thoughts and work on the end of the exercise segment later. Been kind of crazy since I came back from Pa. I'm going to start on that while we are out tomorrow and finish it up I hope before evening. Another busy day tomorrow. Trying to get some cleaning done and have to be up at 8 AM, so working on my blog till the wee hours of the morning is just not in the cards. But I still like to touch base and let you know what a responsibility this is to me and how important I feel it is. It is one I don't take lightly. It is an honor and a privelege to be able to impact people's lives in such an important way. Every single person that I am able to help navigate through this journey is equally important to me. Remember that you ALL can succeed and I hope to have a small role in your sucess. So today's' pictures were taken at the Country Music Park where we go dancing. Lighting seemed to suck tonight, so this is taken in front of the Lady's Room door. I have had this blouse in my closet since I first lost my weight, but I never liked what I paired it with. It suddenly hit me today that it would go perfectly with this pair of pants I had purchased not to long ago, along with the navy cami shaper underneath. Since I started nicknaming my blouses the other day, it 's been a really cool game I have played with myself. Today's I am calling” Chained By Love”. One of the lady's I know thought the whole thing was so cool and she thought every one was named perfectly.

The placemats at the table made a perfect backdrop for my FitBit combo and jewelry. This is another jewelry set that I made. Seems like I might have spawned another trend. One of the lady's in one of the walking groups(can't remember if it was mine, or one of the other two I belong to) said that I have inspired her to wear a bracelet with her FitBit. Inspiration can come anywhere, in many different ways, and I am proud to be part of any of them. I wish you understood what a blessing it has been to me, to discover that I was somehow given a gift of being able to inspire and motivate and communicate what is in my heart to people from all across the globe, from all walks of life. It has been the most fulfilling and amazing thing that has ever happened to me , and I truly feel God's hand has guided me and led me every step of the way. I want everyone who reads this to know you are all important in God's eyes, and you have it inside you to overcome any obstacles that you think are in the way of your success on your journey to health and fitness. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself every day that you deserve to be fit, to be healthy, and yes to be happy with yourself. Together we can make 2015 the best year ever. On a personal note my sister Rose is in the hospital awaiting surgery on a severely fractured hip that she has had for over two weeks from a fall. She didn't realize it had been fractured, until suddenly the pain became severe and the Orthopedist sent her for an MRI. So please keep her in your prayers that all goes well, as she does have some other health issues. Thanks in advance for your prayers. Till next time, God Bless.


2 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Carol so happy I found your blog. What walking groups do you belong to. I have not been to walk away the pounds sister in sweat for along time. Did you go back I loved seeing your post and once you left I left. I just found your blog and figured out how to sigh up for it. Bonnie


    1. You must be talking about the one that kicked me off. I didn’t leave on my own, but God had better plans for me. I have my own group Carol’s Inspiration Station. I also belong to Leslie Sansone Group, and a new one Steps For Success. Go to mine and ask to join . When one of my admin’s or I are there , we will approve you. Do you remember Di. She is one of my admin’s, along with my Cousin Christine, who made the group for me the same night as the other one kicked me off. You will love my group. It is amazing. Will be waiting to see you.


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