Welcome to Carol's Corner. I'm going to start with the picture portion first and then I will be explaining why I'm not doing what I originally was going to in this issue. I love this blouse. The material is beautiful and the asymetrical neckline makes it, in my opinion. Jewelry with this kind of neckline can be a challenge and I thought white accessories, especially pearl like ones would really accent the outfit perfectly. I was lucky that I had bought this simple but elegant looking necklace. It has an adjustable clasp so it was easy to make it as short as it needed to be.

Whereas the necklace is delicate , the bracelet is bold and along with the polka dotted FitBit band with the white BandCuff and the earrings that I made, I think the whole thing makes a dynamite outfit. And this blouse would work equally well when paired with a skirt, and in the summer you might try pairing it with white on a cool evening.

In this second picture I wanted to show you how you can change the look of an oufit by adding something to make it different. I do this here by adding this cool topper that has sparkles down each side that makes it the perfect companion piece to the top that has sparkles built into the material and it still keeps the elegant and sophisticated look of this ensemble. So that's my fashion tip for today. Oh and before we move on, the name I decided on for today's outfit, specifically the blouse, is”Oreo Dreaming”.

So tonight I am not doing a long informational post. We will continue tomorrow on that and hopefully finish that topic up. Instead I want to talk just a little about listening to your body. Today I was actually forced to listen to mine. I keep really long and odd hours and I go and go till I I just can't, and I guess that was what happened today. I stayed up late as usual working on yesterday's blog and when I was done with that, I did a three mile workout before I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I was trying to get everything ready for church in the morning, so I took quite awhile picking everything out and setting it all out so it would be easy to get ready. And of course after I got in bed, I had to do some more things on my I Pad. Well it ended up being 6AM before I even tried to go to sleep and I was supposed to get up at 10 to get ready for church. Well that did't happen. In fact I slept through a loud alarm for an hour and a half. Needless to say I didn't make it to church. In fact I turned off the alarm and didn't get out of bed till 4 and might have been in bed longer, but my daughter called and then I just got up. I haven't done a lot today, and tomorrow I just might not make my step count because when I finish this I am not going to do a workout like I usually do before I go to bed . I am going to listen to my body and just let it rest. So if you try to keep going when your body is screaming at you not to, pay attention, it knows more than we do. Tomorrow I will return with hopefully the conclusion to the series on exercise. Start your week with all the tools you need to make it a great one. Keep focused, study motivated, and believe in yourself. Till next time, God bless.

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