Welcome to another night in my little corner of cyberspace. Tonight’s edition is coming to you from my brother in law’s farm outside of Amsterdam, NY where we will be till sometime Monday. So glad I can use the hotspot on my phone because they don’t have a computer. Give me my phone , a good signal, and my I Pad , and you have a happy camper. I was just looking at my weather app. Back home in Cortland, it is -13. Here it is 1 degree. Can’t believe it’s that much of a difference. My picture today is all about the color. Got this sweater in the thrift store. It was the bling and the colors that drew me to it. When we got to the farm discovered I must have caught the sweater on something and put a great big hole in the sleeve. Bummer!!

Got to wear lot’s of color with my accessories today. Love this ring that I had custom made.

And pulling in the color again with the FitCuff. So let’s pick up where we left off last night . Now what is the next diet saboteur called?


Does your friend feel neglected now that you’re no longer a fellow drinking buddy, or chocolate chum? It might not be just about food. If you’re spending more time working out, you could have less time to spend with your pal. Friends can resent the whole get- healthy process if it alters your attractiveness and brings about lifestyle changes.

TIP: You can continue to enjoy time with your miss-you-mate but focus more on active pastimes,such as a gym session, or a walk and enjoy healthier foods together.


Psychologist Dr Louise Adams says, ” your spouse may feel unsettled at the thought of you changing.” Often the actions of the troubled partner can actively or passively sabotage the whole process for the would-be-weight -reducer. It depends on the dynamics of the relationship, but if the couple met when one partner was heavy , the whole aspect of physical attraction can alter. This doctor recently saw a couple of “food lover’s” in her practice. When one started to lose weight, both had to undergo lifestyle changes. They couldn’t eat or drink as much as they used to. Before , much of their “couple time” was spent enjoying food and wine together. ” When one decided to lose weight, her partner took it as a sort of rejection, but once they started doing more things together, like going for walks, they adjusted. Both really loved wine and so, instead of sharing one bottle every night, they would buy one great bottle, and have a small glass each day”.

TIP: If your partner feels threatened, try doing new activities together, so they are reassured they are still the main event in your life.


Your nearest and dearest aren’t psychic, so the only way to communicate what you need is to talk about it. Be fair and reasonable, and keep in mind your needs are unique. By understanding what you need,they are better able to compromise and adapt their behaviors. If they feel needed by you, they are more likely to become part of your team. Be polite and assertive. Just say no. You don’t have to explain and you don’t have to feel guilty for wanting to be more healthy.

So there you have it. Do you have a diet saboteur in your midst? Identify which category they fall under and see if any of the tips can help solve your saboteur problem. Have a great rest of the weekend, but remember, stay motivated, stay strong ,and above all ,never give up. Till next time, God Bless.

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