Welcome back to Carol’s Corner on this bitter cold night here in the Northeast. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Had to get today’s pic done in the local diner. Hubby was gone all day and he stopped in for a few minutes while I was waiting for my friend. Had to get a pic real quick. The lighting isn’t the best , but guess it didn’t come out too bad. The top is another thrift store find. If you could see it in person , it is quite beautiful. No FitBit pictures with this. Had to wear just the plain black one with this. Tonight’s topic is “dealing with diet saboteurs”. We’re going to start with something from the Biggest Losers Club, with an article titled” Sink you weight-loss saboteurs” “subtitle, “Can you spot a weight-loss saboteur”? Do you have family, friends, or co-workers, who deliberately disrupt your efforts to lose weight? They tempt you with candy or cookies, get you to have another drink, and warn you about getting too thin, to name just a few. Such saboteur’s can be major obstacles in achieving weight loss goals, and it is not unusual for family or even best friends to sabotage our efforts to be successful. “They can really test your resolve and play on the need for approval that we all have in relationships” , says psychologist Dr Suzy Green . We are going to go through the most common types of saboteur’s and tips on how to deal with them effectively.


Making life changes are tough , even when your head is in the right place. If your diet saboteur also has weight issues, he or she could be a self-struggler, someone who feels anxious, that while you’re making good health changes ,they’re not. Dr Green says ” your own goals and the changes you make, can stir up the other person’s aspirations and remind them that they haven’t committed to them as strongly as you have”. In turn this could lead to feelings of stress, guilt, frustration, or fear in you both.

TIP: Encourage the self-struggler to make small changes for his or her health, with as much enthusiasm as possible.


This person just doesn’t get it. They don’t appreciate what the weight-loss journey means for you, or understand what it feels like to be heavier than you want to be.

TIP: The only way to get the non-realizer on your side is to communicate your needs and your goals. Share how you feel about wanting to get fitter and enlist the non-realisers to join you in your plan.


This is the one that almost every dieter has had to deal with. Whether this be a mother, a partner, or a best friend, the pusher equates food with love. But just as you wouldn’t expect an alcoholic to be forced to drink booze, you shouldn’t have to put up with having food foisted on you either.

TIP: Nicely and politely explain your goals, and encourage the serving of lighter alternatives or smaller portions, and pile up the veggies or salads onto your plate first. Practice courteous ways to prevent overindulging , if you’re spending time with a pusher.

As I have to get ready for a trip back home ,we will pick back up for the second half of this tomorrow. I find myself dozing as I sit here trying to finish this, so I guess I better sign off before I end up sleeping at the kitchen table. Stay strong!! Walk the walk. Let’s make 2015 the best year ever. Till next time, God Bless.





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