Here we are again. Ready to spend some more time in Carol’s Corner? Well grab a drink and get comfortable. Today I have another thrift store top from The Good Will in Fredericksburg. Love the color combo.

Had the perfect FitBit band to go with it

And the other side. Well yesterday we talked Mexican. So today let’s see what we can find for those who just love everyone’s favorite , Italian. We’re going to start by linking you up to a section in My Recipes with 11 Italian classics under 300 calories. I’ll tell you what they are and a small description and then you can go to the link for the recipes. Recipe #1 is Garden Minestrone, a savory soup with only 217 calories per serving. Recipe #2 is Spring Risotto. One cup of this zesty rice and beans medley covered in tangy Romano cheese only has 238 calories. Next up is # 3,Quick Pizza Margherita. This only has 298 calories per two slice serving. Recipe #4 is Another pizza offering. This one is Atsy Spicy Pizza Sausage. By blending turkey sausage with pork , you cut the calories. Each half cup adds only 230 calories to the recipe. Think we’ll end here tonight and pick it back up tomorrow. Hope this mid-week finds you with all the success you deserve.

Set a goal, make a plan, work that plan, and never give up. 2015 will be the year you break through and achieve the things you never believed you would. So get out there and live it like you believe it!!! Till next time , God Bless.






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