Well it’s another day here in Carol’s Corner. Glad you’re here. Get comfortable and stay while. I’m having a great time at my daughter’s. Also having some bonding time with my youngest granddaughter. She is such a trip. She is quite the character. She’ll be 4 on the 24th of April. It’s been a good day all around. I got 4 new member’s in my Facebook group and a new blog follower here. I like those kinds of days. Today’s picture is all about the bling . This is the closest thing to a sweatshirt I own. The one group I posted my pics to, just loved this outfit and my bracelets, that you will see below.

When I wear black I’ve been layering these with my FitBit band.

It’s funny, both my group and another one I post at ,told me my bracelet looked like an Oreo cookie, and it really does doesn’t it? So tonight we start something new. I will be doing a series of blogs on lower calorie ethnic dishes. My first request was for Mexican Casseroles , so we’re starting with all things Mexican. We’re going to begin with a Mexican Casserole from Weight Watchers that is 6.5 WW points. I am going to link the recipe, but will tell you what’s in it. Ingredients are:Extra lean ground beef, onion, Jalapeño slices, Tomatoes( fresh or diced) ,Whole kernel corn, Black Beans, Taco Seasoning Mix, Corn Tortillas, Non-Fat Sour Cream, Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese, and Fresh Cilantro. Next I am going to point you to a Pinterest Board of Healthy Mexican Casseroles which you can browse at your leisure and see what works best for you. . We have next for you,Skinny Mexican Chicken Bake. . Now we will have some recipes from Sparks People. The first is Turkey Enchilada Lassgna. This one is a Healthy Chicken Sour Cream Enchilada. We will end of course , with some dessert offerings. Browse through these low-fat Mexican Dessert Recipes. That should do it for this edition of Carol’s Corner. Hope you find recipes that will excite your tastebuds and motivate you to try something new. Please let me know what you think and also what ethnic group you would like to see here in future issues.

So get out there and try new things and keep on moving. The best is yet to come. Believe it, live it, do it. Till next time God Bless.





One thought on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. How about Italian. We had a meeting at an Italian restaurant last night and it was not an easy decision. I usually have no trouble finding meal options that I enjoy and fit my calorie plan. I ended up having baked egg plant with a side of spaghetti and salad. The portion was small so I guess it wasn’t too bad calorie wise. I like to look up the menu on line ahead of time to plan. My usual choice is salad with steak or chicken or broiled seafood on it, but that wasn’t offered last night. In hind sight there was enough prime rib in Ron’s hoagie for him to have shared with me for my salad. It’s fun doing this.
    I love your outfit. Looks warm and comfy….yet stylish. 🙂


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