Hello to all my loyal readers. I'm going to have to just have a short little issue tonight ,because I have to get up early to get ready to go back home. It 's been great to spend time here in Pa. with my daughter and grandkids. They just change so much, especially the little one. She'll be four toward the end of April, and she is just a trip. So yesterday I had a shopping trip at the mall here. Took advantage of some sales. I ended up getting 8 tops, one pair of awesome black skinny pants,a ring, which you'll see in a minute, a beautiful sweater topper, and a pair of red shoes that I have been looking for. The oufit I am wearing here is part of what I bought.

Here you can see my poka dotted FitBit band and the beautiful ring I got and my awesome manicure.

and this just shows my FitCuff clasp cover. So I'm starting to doze while trying to write this . I think that means that I'm gonna have to leave you with a few thoughts before I physically pass out.

When you feel like you can't continue on the journey , remember these words. Print them on a note card and get it laminated. Keep it with you. Make it your mantra. This is a lifelong journey. It will have highs and lows with plateaus interspersed in between. It is not a race to get to the finish line, It's one to stay there when you do. Take each new day you are given as an opportunity to do everything you know how to reach that finish line, but not only to reach it, but to know what you have to do to stay there at the finish line, when you finally get there. So as you continue on, gather all the tools and information you need, to make a better , healthier, and just maybe a longer life.

So if you're going through a rough patch, remember it's just a phase along your path. If you have to go slow, that's ok. It's your journey and not someone else's. Maybe there will be some stops along the way, but you will reach the finish line as long as you never ever quit. So keep on keeping on. We will succeed together. 2015 is going to be your best year ever. So believe it , live it , do it. Till next time, God Bless.


4 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Thanks for the message! Having lots of back pain now & not able to do my regular routine does get you down….but, it is just a bump in the road….will get better!!! Love your outfit & accessories!!! Safe travels home!


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