Here we are again. Ready to spend a little time at Carol’s Corner? Hope you enjoyed your last stay here. How do you like my little buddies ? Meet Mr & ; Mrs Snowman . Aren’t they cute? Wasn’t sure how this pic turned out. Looks like pretty good . Now this beautiful blouse you see on me today is another of my thrift store finds. Hadn’t worn it yet. Love, love, love the color. Now I hope you won’t mind , but I have to try and to do a shorter version of Carol’s Corner this time. Have a busy weekend, and have to get a little rest. This has to be one of my no exercise days too, and I don’t take many of them, if I can help it. Now when we left here last time, you were either deciding on what food plan you were going to follow, or reassessing what you already were doing. So if you’ve done either of these things, it’s time to put what you decided , into action. Here’s where planning is essential. Take time to plan out each day’s meals and snacks, especially in the beginning. Get yourself some kind of notebook so you can write everything down, and can easily refer back to it. Make yourself a shopping list, and do whatever shopping you can ahead of time. Prep ahead , such things as fresh salads, and any raw fruits and vegetables, that you plan on using as snacks. When you have something all ready to go, you will be less likely to pick up the wrong thing. Use vegetables of all types liberally . Can’t go wrong there, anyway you cut it ( no pun intended ). Make sure you get enough servings in the different food groups . Learn to portion control. That is where many people slip up. In the beginning of your program, keep a food journal so you can see in black & white, what is going into your mouth. You would be amazed what can happen if you don’t pay attention. Now get yourself in the right frame of mind to begin your journey. Remind yourself what your goals are, and why you started this in the first place. Remind yourself daily. Put up visuals around the house that might keep you motivated. Maybe a picture of something you really want to be able to wear, or something that you already have and would like to fit into again. Keep a daily diary. Write down what the first short term goal you would like to reach is, and what you will reward yourself with for reaching it. Anyone who is reassessing , can still do all these same things. Doing this might just get you back on the track to success. So whenever you’re ready, hit that start button in your brain , and let’s get going . Your new you is just waiting to be found!!! Now I would appreciate it guys , if you would give me feedback on the posts of the last few days , along with any questions you might have for me , or suggestions on things you would like to have discussed here. I am here to help each and everyone of you achieve your dreams. So till next time, God Bless!

8 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Hi Carol, I have not commented before, it’s just not something that I normally do, but please just keep doing what you are doing. I read your blog every day and it does motivate and inspire me. I have struggled with weight issues all my life. I go up and down like a yo yo. Wish it weren’t so but that is how it has always been. Thank you for doing what you are doing and God bless.


  2. Love the purple top and the purple page to match! I agree with you about the vegetables – have them washed and cut up, so it will be easy to prepare them! I have been up all night getting ready for the delivery and installation of a new sink and dishwasher! I am hoping I can snooze for about 20 minutes until they get here.


  3. Hi Carol, Love the purple!! It helps me too to plan on what I am eating the next day. I keep track of my food and exercise on myfitnesspal. I like that it also tells me my total nutrients for the day. My only problem with eating is that since my husband has retired he is in charge of cooking dinner. I make a menu each week but apparently he thinks he is Emeril and adds things to the food that I probably shouldn’t eat (lots of cheese). I don’t want to discourage him from cooking since that helps me out. I get home around 6:30 at night so it is nice to have dinner ready when I get home. He sees me measure things out and I ask him what he put in the dish so I can journal it but he doesn’t know exact amounts so I have to just estimate.


    1. Loved how this blog post looked. The theme thing I picked out makes the color .I never know what it will look like till after I publish it. Is there any topic you would like me try and take on?


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