Welcome to my own little spot in cyberspace, the one that I like to call Carol’s Corner. Here I hope you’ll find useful information, motivation , inspiration ; all of the many things you need to begin or continue on your journey toward reasonable weight loss, and better health & fitness. Whatever your goals are , I want to help you reach them . Together we can each be the best we can be. So let’s get started. Today I decided for my first pic to let you see, what I like to call the unglamorous me. This is me after I came home from spending five hours putting my blog together. I immediately changed and put on my workout clothes , which is pretty easy. The top is the cami shaper I had already worn under my clothes. I always use them as part of my workout gear. I own every color they make and two each of black and white. Love them. Then I just have to slip on whatever workout pant I decide to use and my Easy Spirit Walking shoes. So this is the me before I get all gussied up. My body still isn’t perfect , but for an almost 64 year old senior citizen it ain’t half bad (and yes I know that’s not proper English, I just like the way that sounds). So I did a two mile workout before heading off to bed, finally at almost ten in the morning. I’ll post the picture of what I looked like after getting ready to leave the house , later in the blog. So let’s try continue our exploration into what it takes to lose weight. Before you decide what kind of diet or food plan you need to pursue , you should first find out what is a reasonable and healthy weight for someone of your age and body type. Your doctor should probably be your first source of information in deciding this crucial piece of your journey. You can always make changes to your final goal along the way. I actually went between 13-15 pounds less than the original goal I had set for myself. As I like to tell people , you’ll know what it is when you get there. I instinctively knew when I had arrived at the perfect weight for me. I remember the day when I looked in the mirror, and said ” This is what I want to look like the rest of my life “. And this time I DO MEAN the rest of my life. Any other option is not acceptable. So talk to your doctor or any other source that can help you, to decide on a healthy & reasonable weight loss goal for yourself . Now it’s time to get started. You need to decide what kind of food plan you need to follow to get you started on your journey. Keep in mind you have to burn 3,500 more calories than you take in, to equal one pound of weigh loss. And then you have to decide what you would like to lose each week , and of course that will vary depending on a variety of factors. Just remember there is no magic bullet or pill that can do this for you. You alone are responsible for your failures or successes along the way. So get ready to do the hard work , and make the hard choices necessary to insure success on YOUR journey. It is your journey alone. You make it what it is. Remember that as the days, weeks, or months go by. So you’ve set a couple of goals , and now you have to decide on some kind of eating plan you will need to follow to get to the top of the hill and claim your prize ( A healthy weight & a healthy and fit body). What you finally decide on , may have to include any health issues that might come into play , such as Diabetes Or Chloresterol issues. These two, happened to be mine. YOU have to decide what will work best for you, and you may just have to revise things along the way . Nothing in this journey is ever set in stone. You have to be flexible and willing to change course when things just aren’t working for you. Each of us is unique and what works for me might not work for you. So take some time, do some research, talk to other people who are going through the same thing as you. Maybe you’re already started on this journey and don’t like how things are going. This is a good time to stop and reassess your food plan & your diet strategies. Decide what is working for you and what isn’t. Evaluate your own actions. Are you sticking to your plan? Are you putting in the work that is needed to insure success? Are you making the proper choices? Those are all things you need to ask yourself and answer honestly. So wherever you find yourself,, take some time and think over the things that we discussed here and meet me back here, as we delve deeper into the subject of what it takes to lose weight. Now onto some more pictures. The first , will be that second one I promised you, dressed and out of my workout clothes and a view in my living room.


Next is a cute little pic from my powder room downstairs, have to dress up that one too.


And lastly , some nighttime pictures I took outside of my house. And yes there was a snowstorm today and we got some more later too.



That’s it for this the 35th, ( yes , can you believe it?) edition of Carol’s Corner. Meet me back here, same time , same station , as we continue to explore the subject of what it takes to lose weight. So keep moving , and keep focused, & I’ll see you back here next time. Till then, God bless each and everyone of you.

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