Well here we are again, back at Carol’s Corner, where I hope you find something you can use each and every day ; something that will help you be successful in whatever part of the journey you presently find yourself in. Here’s to everyone achieving the highest level of health and fitness that they possibly can. Not so happy with today’s pic but it will have to do. Just couldn’t get my face to get the right expression. So, let’s continue to delve deeper into our discussion of ” how to lose weight”. Before we continue I just gotta tell you this. Every time I use this phrase , I find that I say it to myself in the same voice inflections as that new hit tv show that just ended it’s first season ; How To Commit Murder. It just makes me laugh every time . We know from our last sessions, that no matter what eating plan you use, you still need to cut the calories you eat , to a level that ends up with weight loss. What are some practical ways you can do that? Again we’ll use some of the information that I found from the Mayo Clinic. Here are some practical ideas you can use to be successful. One of the first things you can do to save calories , is to cut out some of your high-calorie low- nutrition items, and replace them with healthier lower calorie alternatives. A good place to start, would be to cut out one or two of your big high calorie items. Here’s a couple of examples of switching out high calorie items to healthier low calorie ones. If you’re a coffee drinker, skip your morning flavored latte (250 calories) in favor of black coffee ( 0 calories. How about that ice cream you always have after dinner ? Try this switch: 1cup chocolate ice-cream ( a whopping 285 calories. Why not go with 1 1/2 cups whole strawberries at only 70 calories ? Then think about switching your high calorie soda , ( around 200 calories , to one of the great sparkling flavored waters that’s out there ) , for 0 calories.? My favorite brand is Polar Ice. Lots of wonderful flavors and packed full of vitamins, minerals , and antioxidants. Think what you eat every day. and identify items you could cut out. Simple substitutions can make a big difference when cutting calories. One example would be switching from whole milk to fat free milk, a saving of 60 calories per serving. Instead of having that second slice of pizza ( 350 calories) , reach for some fresh fruit, says 1 2/3 cups grapes ( 100 calories) Ok here’s a biggie. Switch out a 3oz serving of ranch -flavored tortilla chips ( a whopping 425 calories ) to 3 1/2 cups air popped popcorn only 110 calories for a much larger serving. So now I’m gonna give you guys homework. Get out your notebook, a pen or pencil , and put on your thinking cap. Sit down and start to identify the high -calorie , low-nutrition items you might eliminate from your daily diet and find what healthier, lower calorie offerings you could switch to. This exercise just might land you a lot of ways to adjust your diet and help in your weight loss efforts. Let me know what some of you guys come up with. We’ll continue on tomorrow with the next way to cut calories ; reducing portion sizes. I think this is turning out to be a good series I started. Learning some things myself. Now for a couple of other things not food related.


Got some of the colored bands I ordered on Amazon for my FitBit Flex. They came from different locations in China and arrived much faster than they said they would. Think I still might have a couple more coming. Gotta check my order history.

Next I have a short overview of another Leslie DVD I just got ; Walk Down Your Blood Sugar At Home.


This was produced in 2008. Run time is 30 minutes. On the back of the DVD is a little spot written by Leslie entitled PEPWALK. This is a basic one mile walk , with some walkers I haven’t seen before. Maybe these are people who actually have Diabetes. A good simple one mile walk. So that’s it for our time together in this edition of Carol’s Corner. Hope You found this beneficial in your quest to lose weight, have better health, and get fit, both mentally and physically . See you here tomorrow , in Carol’s Corner, and remember that homework assignment. Till next time, God Bless.

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