Well here we are back at Carol’s Corner. Hope you all read yesterday’s post . It was a good one , something we all encounter as we go on our journey. If you didn’t, go back and give it a read. It will be worth it. My picture today is at my vender’s spot at our local mall. Love my outfit today, but in the pic,
you can barely tell where my skirt ends, with all that black going on!!. I kind of laughed when I saw it. This is my hot Nana skirt . LOL!!!!! I just decided to dub it that. It’s a Lycra like, tight fitting skirt, on the shorter side. I always pair it with black tights , and some type of blouse that is worn on the outside. This is a fun top I got recently at New York & Company. Love their stuff. Underneath you can see the beautiful Cami Shaper that coordinates perfectly with the color in the top. I own every color that Genie makes them in. I love my shapers, so comfortable. If you could see my nails from my last manicure, It looks like I had them done just for this outfit. Now if my day had only gone well. Was there 8 hours and only sold $20. Hope my event tomorrow goes better. Have to reset up after that and then hope to get back for the last 1/12 – 2hrs of dancing. Hate if I to miss that. Love my dancing , and what great exercise it is. So exercise, let’s talk on that for a bit. I only started exercising regularly halfway through my weight loss. Now I don’t know how I lived without it. The top to reasons people exercise is to lose weight or build muscle. Didn’t know what I was going to write about , but somehow something always makes it happen. As I am a great Google searcher , I decided to see what other benefits regular exercise had. I came across a cool article on a site called It gives the top 10 reasons to exercise, besides what I stated previously. So we’ll go through them one by one. We’re counting back from 10 -1. Number 10 is : Exercise improves your memory , and after a workout , people report that they can think more clearly. Exercise increases your blood pressure and blood flow throughout the body. When you exercise, your brain gets more energy and more oxygen, so regular exercise is very good for memory and keeping that brain fog away. Number 9 is: Exercise improves your posture. It is important to have good posture. One of the best ways to fix your posture is by exercising the muscles holding your back. Regularly exercising your abs, back , and other muscles will go a long way in improving your posture , sitting or standing. I know I am not good in that area and have to try and be more aware of it. Number 8 is: Exercise can boost your confidence. Exercising can improve your appearance, which in turn boosts your confidence. Exercise can make you feel more accomplished, and just the effort alone will make you feel better. Number 7 is: You’ll de-stress! Who doesn’t need that? Stress can really wreak havoc with your mind, and studies have shown exercise is a great way to combat that. Remember those endorphins Leslie is always taking about? Not only are they natural stress fighters, but getting into your exercise groove takes your mind off the things that were stressing you out. Number 6 is: You’ll sleep better. The National Sleep Foundation says regular exercise will help you sleep better. They also say that exercising too closely to bedtime can have the opposite effect. Of course those of you that know me, know I don’t adhere to any sleep rules.LOL!!! Number 5 is: This is s big one. You’ll have more energy. We all must know that by now. We hear Leslie mention that all the time. We think it should have the opposite effect, the workout might be tiring , but almost always , you feel really invigorated. After a good workout you’re more productive, remember what Leslie says about taking a walk before your meeting or before you might have some kind of test? Try it the next time you have something going on, and let us know what happens. Number 4 is: We’re gonna skip this one because this a G Rated blog, so use your imagination. Number 3 is: Here’s another biggie. You’ll get sick less often. I can personally attest to that, and I can truthfully say I haven’t been sick since I started this journey. Let’s hope that will be true for a second winter. People who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to get a cold than those who don’t. That must be why I didn’t get my usual, really bad sinus infections last winter. Number 2 is a real biggy: You’ll live longer. Who doesn’t want that? This should be reason enough for us to keep up our workout regimen. One study showed that regular exercise improves life expectancy by as much as quitting smoking. It is quite true when they say sitting all day is killing you, so get up and move!! The number 1 reason as noted on this article: drum roll please!!! You’ll just be happier. All of these other reasons put together , just combine to make a happier you. Regular exercise improves your life in so many ways, so get out there and make them all happen for you. You’re worth it!!!!
Now here’s my step total that ended an hour ago. Just love my FitBit Flex!!!


Now to get a head start to my next 24 hours. Headed back home for a workout before I crash. Not gonna get much sleep till Monday. Have a great day and God Bless. Till next time.

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