Welcome back to another edition of Carol’s Corner. Today’s pic is one of my totally casual looks. The belt is new and kind of different. Still experimenting with the right way to wear it. Each day I am going to have some part of my decorating as the backdrop for my picture, and will probably have some extra pictures as well. Finally finished my decorations after three days of hard work and almost no sleep , but the results were so worth it. After thinking about what today’s topic should be, I finally settled on hitting a plateau in your diet. This is something almost every dieter will probably experience at some time or other. The scenario goes like this. You’ve been dropping lots of pounds and you look & feel better. You’re stoked. Then just like that, it stops. You get upset and discouraged and maybe even go off the rails, so to speak. Well now is not the time to stop what you’ve been doing. It is not the time to give up. This is a totally natural occurrence. Stay with your plan and just wait it out. Your consuming less calories, so your metabolism has slowed down to conserve them. If you stick with your eating plan & your workout schedule, it shouldn’t take more than three weeks for your weight loss to resume again. Remember your body might still be changing , even when your scale doesn’t move. Now if after three weeks this is still happening , then you need to ask your self some questions and change some things up, where needed. Ask yourself this? Am I truly sticking to my meal plan? Sometimes we think we are , but really we are being sloppy in our eating habits and don’t even realize it. Now might be the time to keep a detailed journal. You COULD be surprised with what you find. To continue to lose ,you need to take in less than you burn. That is called a calorie deficit. Another scenario is this. You cut your calories way back and continue to workout more. Well guess what? This sends your body into starvation mode. Instead of cutting calories you need to increase them . Try increasing your calorie count by 600 for three days or so. Then drop back down again to your usual level. This should jumpstart your metabolism again . Another thing you might need to do is change up your workouts. Your body gets used to whatever you are doing, so vary them. Do cardio one day, weight training another. Vary the miles you do. All these things should shock your metabolism back into action . The last thing to check out, if you can’t get your weight loss going again, is to meet with your doctor . Make sure there are no hidden health problems that could be impeding your efforts. Some common culprits are: hormone imbalance, insulin resistance, and thyroid disorders among others. If your health shows no reasons for this, you need to be patient. Stick to your eating plan, continue to workout, and keep a detailed diary of what you are consuming. Above all don’t give up. Stay on track, stay motivated , and finally, get out there and keep moving. You’ve got this. Believe in yourself,and lastly ,have that CAN DO attitude. Till next time, God Bless You & Yours.

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