Welcome to the latest edition of Carol’s Corner . Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy. A special treat for my reader’s today; meet my beautiful granddaughter, Ariana. Tonight was her sixth grade concert. She plays the violin in the orchestra. It was orchestra, band, and choir. They have an amazing music program . The concert was exceptional. I almost started crying when the music started. I have hearing aids now , thanks to my mom getting new ones, and it was amazing to be able to hear everything so well. I was able to get her $7000 hearing aids fixed for myself, for $150. Now that is truly a gift. Is my granddaughter beautiful or what? Now what to talk about tonight. Let’s talk a little about how to handle eating out and going to all the parties that happen this time of year. No one is going to be anywhere near perfect, during the long holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years. We just have to be more aware of our weight fluctuations during these times, so we can nip a downward spiral in the bud, before it becomes a real problem. Each of you need to make the decision on just how much leeway you are going to give yourself during this time. It also depends on which phase you are on , in your journey. I am in the maintenance phase. I can’t really lose anymore , but there is a certain threshold I will not allow myself to go beyond. If my weight fluctuates more than three pounds, it’s back to carefully watching what I consume. When you know you are going out, have a game plan. Decide ahead of time just how careful you are going to be , and stick with what you decide. Look for the healthy lower calorie alternatives most places offer these days. Many of them are quite delicious. Don’t be starving when you go , and have plenty of fluids during the hours before you go out. Drinking a lot of water will help you feel full. Don’t be afraid to ask to have food prepared a certain way, or to leave out certain ingredients. If you plan on having wine or another alcoholic drink , you need to fit it in your food plan. You need to decide what you’re willing to give up in order to add something else. When it comes to desserts, find out if your eating establishment has the smaller version, or shooters as most places call them. This is a good way to indulge your sweet tooth, without feeling too guilty. You are the master of your own ship. If you overindulge, now would be the time to up your exercise regimen. Don’t skip them. This is the time when you need to exercise more , not less. This time of year, also is not the time to forget about the scale, and for me it is a must. I weigh myself twice a day (unclothed), once when I get up, and right before I go to bed. That way I know if I have to adjust my eating habits that next day or two. You are the captain of your own ship. You are the one who has to make the decisions that will let you get through the holidays unscathed, or the ones that will make you go backwards, leaving you depressed and angry with yourself . The two together can be a dangerous combination, so choose wisely. Now to showcase my newest workout!!!


This is a departure from my Leslie video’s I usually do, but it didn’t disappoint. It is Denise Austin’s -Fat Burning Workout. It’s billed as a 4,200 Step Walk to Blast Away Fat & Tone Your Body. It also contains a Bonus 10-minute Ab Slimmer Segment. This volume was produced in 2013 and if done in it’s entirety is 45 minutes long. The walk itself is 30 minutes. The walking workout is designed to tone your body, boost your metabolism and burn fat fast. Reshape your body with 5,5-minute intervals. This walk targets just about every area of your body. The sections are as follows: Warm-Up, Arm Toning, Slim Sprints, Hill Climb,Rolling Hills, Sport Star, Cool Down, and Walking Abs.
If you want a new challenging workout this is for you. Like it a lot already and plan to use it at least a couple days a week. Hope you found this edition of Carol’s Corner informative, motivating, and the inspiration you need to take your journey to the next level. Till next time , God Bless. Now get out there and be the captain of your ship.

3 thoughts on “CAROL’S CORNER

  1. Your granddaughter is gorgeous! I am glad you were able to really hear the concert! Sometimes we take our senses for granted. I love your practical outlook on things and your repetition of the statement, “You are the captain of your own ship.” I think you have taught me a lot about taking ownership of my life in many areas. You make a plan, and you stick to the plan! That is what I admire about you. Plus, now you are sharing your strategies with the rest of us!

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  2. Your granddaughter is a cutie. How nice that she plays the violin.
    Enjoyed your encouraging words. I almost find it fun to plan what I am going to have when we go out. I pull up the menu on line and figure it out ahead of time. One of my favorite things is steak salad. I do like crumbly blue cheese on it but don’t use too much dressing. Also like to have an appetizer with salad. That is plenty and also saves money. Planing ahead….I guess that’s the key.
    My exercise today was going up and down the stairs getting the Christmas decorations out, etc. May still do a walk later.


    1. I did decorating three days in a row. Only slept about 5 hrs in the past three days. Logged lots of steps. Decorating is done except for a few tweaks here and there. As I have time over the next week will post pics of my decorating , on my blog. Trying to figure out a topic for tonight. Getting ready to start it.


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